Bilal Khan

A journalist to expose evil. A blogger to talk about self-development

I have more than five years experience in writing. My writings have been published in various newspapers, news portals and magazines. I love to write about human interest stories, inspiring stories and that threatens evil.

Some people have threatened me for my writings (published on various platforms) that exposed evil. On the other hand, some appreciate my self-development writings that I publish on my this website (Bilal Khan Notes). Read my articles and decide what you want to do, either threat me or appreciate me.

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3 Steps To Manage Your Tasks

Many people talk about time management. However, there is no such thing like time management. What you can manage is your tasks. We have Pareto Principle (aka 80-20 rule) to help us to get our tasks done.

My Introduction To The World

In this video I talked about little bit of my profession and the purpose of staring this YouTube channel. The channel is all about how we can improve our-self to lead an effective and successful life.

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Fundamentals Of Success

Succeed In Your Life

What is success to you? Is it money, fame, better relationships, happiness, or something else? Success varies from person to person. However, there are some basic rules that I call Fundamentals to achieve success. If you fail to follow the fundamentals explained in this book you will fail to achieve your success, Irrespective of your definition of success. Don’t miss any chance and grab your copy to find out the fundamentals of success.


I believe we can change the world if we use pen wisely

– Bilal Khan

My Introduction To The World  

In this video I talk about myself and the purpose of starting YouTube channel. Watch the video to know more

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