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His writing career started in 2014 with Zee Media’s news portal. Since then He has worked with newspapers, magazines and digital marketing companies. His career is circled around writing as a journalist, content writer and blogger.

Some people have threatened him for exposing evil in the society as a journalist. On the other hand, some appreciated him for writing on self-improvement on his website blog BilalKhanNote.Com.

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You Are A Badass By Jen Sincero (Book Review)

Whenever I pray I feel a huge sense of motivation, happiness and I get optimistic about my life and goals. It is because I connect with the source of energy. That is what Jen Sincero says in her book ‘You Are A Badass.

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3 Steps To Manage Your Tasks

Many people talk about time management. However, there is no such thing like time management. What you can manage is your tasks. We have Pareto Principle (aka 80-20 rule) to help us to get our tasks done.

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Success Demystified

Beat Mediocrity, Achieve High

What is success to you? Is it money, fame, better relationships, happiness, or something else? Success varies from person to person. However, there are some basic rules that I call Fundamentals to achieve success. If you fail to follow the fundamentals explained in this book you will fail to achieve your success, Irrespective of your definition of success. Don’t miss any chance and grab your copy to find out the fundamentals of success.


I believe we can change the world if we use pen wisely

– Bilal Khan

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My new book going to be launched soon. For my blog readers like you I have heavy discount i.e. 50% on the book. 

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