Paulo Coelho in his famous book The Alchemist says “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” The story of this 29-Year-Old Madhu NC from Karnataka resonates the same. Although he has been working as a bus conductor for 10 years, he always wanted to do something better in life. It seems that the universe is conspiring to help him achieve what he wants. 

Madhu NC hails from a small town Malavalli in Mandya and belongs to a very humble family. Being an elder one in his family, he had to leave his education after schooling and earn to put food on the table for the family. He started working as a bus conductor at the age of 19 with Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC). But, the quest to study more and do better in life was there. 

Madhu continued his study through distance learning. He would wake up at 4 in the morning and study for a few hours before wearing a khaki dress to work as a conductor for eight hours. He holds a Masters degree in Political science. 

In 2014 he attempted for Karnataka Administrative Service (KAS) but could not succeed. In 2018, he sat for Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Unfortunately, he failed to clear this too. However, the failures in Madhu’s life did not demotivate him. Instead, he became more inspired to do better. Finally, he was elated to know that he has cleared UPSC mains exam early this January when the result was declared.  

“I always wanted to achieve something big in my life. I started working early but that did not stop me from studying further. I used to study for 5 hours a day. I would study every day before and after work,” Madhu revealed while talking to Bangalore Mirror.

You will be amazed to know that Madhu did not enrol for coaching for UPSC preparation. Instead, he would study through books and the internet. He also received guidance from C Shikha, IAS officer and the Managing Director of Bangalore Metropolitan Corporation. 

Madhu had to study Political Science & International Relations, Ethics, Language, General Studies (divided into three parts), Math and Essay Writing. According to Bangalore Mirror, he gave his UPSC exams in Kannada but his mains in English.

Madhu’s parents don’t know about the UPSC exam but “they are very happy for me. I am the first one to be educated in my family,” told Madhu.  

Now Madhu preparing for UPSC interview which is going to be held in March 2020. He is watching YouTube videos to know the techniques of answering interview questions. After clearing the UPSC exam he is planning to leave his job as a bus conductor and become an IAS officer. 

If you are dreaming of something then pursue it with persistence. You will turn your dream into a reality one day. 


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