At the age of five when children spend all the time playing and watching TV, Aashman Taneja from Hyderabad made his way to the Guinness Book of World Records in Taekwondo. He is inspired by his 10-year-old sister Myra Taneja who achieved Guinness Book of World Records thrice.

Aashman is a first-grade student of Oakridge International School in Hyderabad. He started learning martial art when he was 4-year-old after getting inspired by her sister Myra. While practising, Aashman was selected to receive training by Grand Master M Jayanth Reddy for 2 hours, who is the 8th Dan black belt, 29 times Guinness World Record holder and 12 times US Presidential award holder. According to Oakridge’s website, Aashman has a rigorous routine as he practices kicks four days a week for one hour and every Sunday too.

M Jayanth Reddy with his awards

Aashman is now a Guinness Book of World Records holder, USA World Open Taekwondo Silver medalist and a Yellow belt in Taekwondo. He won the record for the most-full contact knee strikes in one-hour non-stop and successfully achieved more than 1200 knee strikes.

Aashman is also interested in rock climbing, running, and swimming. According to Oakridge’s website he has achieved Gold Medals in 30meter hurdle race, Balancing race, 30 meters race by putting balls in the cone, 30 meters scratch the cone race and 30-meter race.

“My son practised a lot for the world record, he was inspired by his sister and started training earlier. He was the youngest child to achieve the record,” Aashman’s father Ashish Taneja told ANI.

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Aashman is also great in study too. He is considered to be a child who knows how to balance the muscles and the brain. “The balance between sports, extracurriculars and academics achievements is critical for the overall development of the child. The 21st-century achiever is one who has understood how to balance the muscles and the brain. Aashman is one of such students, who at a very early age has learned to maintain this balance,” writes School Director, Devidutta Kanungo.

It seems that this achievement is not enough for Aashman. He is now planning to win a second Guinness Book of World Records. Moreover, he is practising hard for competing at International and Olympic level.

“When my sister got two Guinness world records, I too wanted to secure the Guinness world record. She is my inspiration and so is my teacher,” Aashman said.


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