Becoming punctual is not easy and one-night success if you are quite a late person ever since you born. You get to go through dangerous experiences such as anxiety and anger. Thus your enjoyable moment, rather life gets bitter while you try hard to be punctual without patience. 

To understand better, let me proceed ahead with a personal experience. Once upon a time, I booked an online cab to go to client’s office for a meeting. Since the time I booked the cab was a peak hour, the driver arrived little late than expected arrival time. I was getting angry thinking the client will have bad impression if I get late than decided time. 

As soon I got inside the cab I instructed the driver to drive little faster and figure out the short route to make sure that I am not late for the meeting. My instruction to the driver was not in normal tone but filled with anxiety and anger. 

Usually, I enjoy sitting in a cab with AC turned on and soothing music playing in low volume. However, this time my anger was intensifying minute by minute though, the driver was making every effort to abide by my instruction. Because of anger, I was not enjoying my ride as well as the soothing music playing inside the cab 
“Can you please stop the music and focus on driving?” I sort of scolded the driver. 

Thanks to the driver I reached at the client office before few minutes ahead.

After the meeting, while coming back to my office I was thinking of how I ruined my 49 minutes of ride from my office to the client office. Because of anxiety and anger. I realised that there was no point in getting angry at all. Being late for few minutes will not cause any loss at all. 

It happens with us as soon as we wake. We get little late for office and anxiety and anger prevail over us. We get little late for client meeting because of traffic or driver arrives late. Frankly, this anxiety and anger ruin the enjoyment of the moment. Sometimes it triggers a major disaster that makes day or days bitter when we react very harsh to our anxiety and anger. 

A man came to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and asked him for advice. He said,
“Do not become angry.” The man repeated his request for advice, and each time, the Prophet replied with this one phrase that sums up all good attitudes and behaviour: “Do not become angry.” (Bukhari)

Surely, we can not change others attitude those make us late but we can definitely change our attitude towards dealing with it. Here are some tips to deal with anxiety and anger while getting late.   

5-10 minutes late will not cause disaster
While getting late even a single second of any sort of hurdle makes us angry. In anger, we forget that  5-10 minutes late will not cause any disaster. It is okay to be late for 5-10 minutes. However, sometimes it is dangerous when there is something important such as your train is scheduled on time. Or, you have a very important meeting that cannot tolerate lateness at all. 

We do not have any control over natural hurdles
Road traffic. waking up unintentionally 30 minutes late for office. You find your car’s tyres punctured. Such calamities are natural that we human being does not have any control over it. For instance, we can not clear the road traffic as we want. It will be cleared as it does as usual. Be patient while in such natural hurdle situations.

Don’t be anxious and angry when you stuck in the traffic and getting late. Instead, enjoy the moment as you get some time for your own. 

Trying hard makes you more anxious and angry
We try so hard to take over time that makes us angrier. We feel that time is running fast while we are getting late. The more we try to take over time the more we get anxious and angry. Stop trying hard and let it go with ease. 

Make your schedule flexible
We get late because we schedule our tasks very tight that no matter how hard we try but we get late. Make sure you wake up so early for office that you reach office before five minutes despite getting late for breakfast and traffic on the way to the office. It is very easy to schedule tasks flexible by reducing unnecessary and less important tasks. 
Fill the late-time with the interesting activities
One of the best tricks to actually get rid of anger when you are getting late is fill that time with interesting tasks such as reading books, watching favourite shows and listening to music and such that. We get anxious and angry while getting late because we remind ourselves that we are getting late.

You are getting late because of traffic? Turn on audio books. Listen to music and you can actually read books if you have a driver while stuck in the traffic. 

Next time if you feel anxiety and anger because of lateness make sure you follow some of above tips to avoid anger and enjoy the “getting late” moment.