Have you ever pondered upon why Supreme Court issued the judgement for mandatory attendance of 75% in education at all levels? Not because the Indian government wants benches of classrooms to be used. But, there is a secret for achieving high marks in board exams. I believe if you are a student you make sure that you are attending each and every lecture in your college. If not then you are missing out a lot.

Until 10th standard students attend lectures and are made to follow teachers advice. However, as soon as students enter into college many forget one of the major purposes of college- Study hard and spend time exploring new places and opportunities. On the opposite, many students fall prey to negative activities. As a result, they fail to do excel in the study and overall personal development. This affects their professional life. When professional life is affected, personal life going to affect without a doubt.

You might be thinking that I am not making a fair point because it goes against the new belief- degrees or marks are not important in life. However, whether you consider marks significant for success in life or not your marks represents your ability to do ‘hard work’.

While talking to Dr. Vaibhav Ashar a professor from renowned college K.E.S Shroff College in Mumbai on the significance of marks. He told me that there are some renowned companies that ask their job applicants whose percentage (board exam) is low to apply after a few months. When they apply again the companies conduct a test. They hire those who manage to clear the test. “The purpose of doing this is to hire candidates who are hardworking and passionate about something,” said Dr. Vaibhav. The result of the test shows the applicants’ capability of doing hard work.

I know everybody doesn’t want to score 80+ percentage in exams because everybody has different areas of interest. Some like to study politics and some like to study sociology. That is why who like politics score high in politics and those who like to study sociology do excel in sociology. However, they don’t ignore other subjects as well. As a result, they score more than 70% in exams. If this is not your scenario which means you are not interested in school or college study. You need to figure out what you are passionate about so that you can board the right train towards your success. There are many who left college or paid little attention to college but doing great in life because they found what they love to do and worked hard for that.


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Let’s not deviate from the topic and talk about the importance of attending lectures. Ayushi Pushkar who shared second place with 23 others in the country in CBSE 10th board, 2019, would always attend lectures with the focused mind. At home, she would revise the chapters that were taught in school and then finish her day. “I never studied ahead of what teachers taught us in lectures. Because I believe that when we go ahead of teachers we tend to ignore them while they are teaching. Thinking we already know and that is where we make a mistake,” said Ayushi.

She also said that we should respect teachers. It helps us to connect with them and clear doubts which ultimately helps us to do exceptionally well in exams. It is one of the common traits of students who achieve high marks in exams. They are connected to teachers and reach out to them whenever they have any doubts.

As I said earlier, you are missing out a lot if you are not attending lectures. It is because. Professors give students tip-off for exams. Teachers while teaching indicates which topic or part of the subject is more important for exams. Students believe that this is one of the great secrets to score high marks.

“It is definitely a great trick to achieve great marks. Teachers have experience and knowledge about what can be asked and what not in exams. Because they are close to setting papers and analysing papers for years,” said Kashish. She further clarified that although we should not study just for exams, but we should not ignore this advantage.

The relationship between class attendance of college students and their academic performance is well documented in the literature. Several studies have reported that class attendance has a positive impact on academic performance. The first and foremost thing that will happen is the loss of study. The time that you will not invest in your lectures will then have to be rescheduled at home for covering the important topics that you missed in class.

Moreover, as you will have to study the subjects by yourself, you will spend more time in understanding the crucial and complex concepts which you would not have to if explained by the professor in lectures.

Many value self-study more than lectures. Though self-study is important but there is no point of self-study if you are not clear with the concept of the chapter or subject.

When you don’t get better teachers in school or college then either ask many questions that can clear your question or find out another mentor intuition or coaching class. This will ease your self-study.

You may argue that there are online lectures on videos available to understand a subject or chapter. However, the flip-side of online lectures is that you don’t get to have two-way interaction. Which is very important.

“80% of success is showing up” said Woody Allen. Show up in the lectures and things will fall into place.

Although it is important to be focused during lectures. However, for some reason, if you are not then also you are gaining something from the lectures. While talking to Dr. Lilly Bhushan, Principal of KES Shroff College on self-study she said that self study is important but without attending lectures is harder. “You get to understand the concept of a subject. If you don’t value college lectures then why are we here?” asked Dr. Bhushan.

Dr. Bhushan made a fair point. Professors are more knowledgeable in their respective subjects. They simplify the subjects or chapters to make you understand better. Don’t you think it is a good idea to understand a chapter in 45 minutes by professors that can take more than two hours through self-study?

This is the first article in a series of articles that will help students to achieve great marks in board exams. If you have any tips and trick on the same please share with us.


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