Robin Sharma in his book The Greatness Guide writes that one day his mom suggested him to listen more and speak less. Further, in his book, he appreciated his mom’s this advice. This reminded me of a Hadith (teachings of Islam).

The hadith goes as such, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said, “Those who believe in Allah and the Last Day, let them speak well or keep silent.” [Tirmidhi]

The advice to speak well or keep silent are not just for the sake of practice. It has many benefits. It is quite evident that those who speak more do not speak well.

Before we dive into understanding the benefits of listening more and speaking less I would like to share a story with you.

Once upon a time, I was with one of my clients. He is famous for his ‘speaking more’ instinct. Whenever I visit him I reserve more than one hour for him. You might be thinking my client may possess vast knowledge that helps him to speak for so long.

However, the reality is contrary to your judgement. He does not have as much knowledge as he speaks. He speaks for so long because he either repeats his points many times or speaks about the things that are irrelevant.

That is the problem of people those who speak more. They repeat same points many times and also speak things that are cranky.

Let us know the importance of speaking less and listening more.


It makes you wise
Some people speak so much that they speak even if they do not have anything to make a valid point. While speaking they reveal something that they should not be revealed to anyone. They defame others just to satisfy their eagerness to speak more.

This makes them foolish. Most of the time even they do not know what they are saying and what is the purpose of their points.

On the other hand, if you follow the above hadith and speak when you really have to make a valid point you will be considered as a sensible and wise person.


Helps you to think more
It is obvious that those who speak more do not think more. Which leads them to a bigger problem. Thinking is very important to improve life. If we do not think we do not know what we are doing and why we are doing.

Robin Sharma in his book The Greatness Guide writes that once he asked one of Asia’s top CEOs about his outrageous success. He replied, “I make the time to think.”

Robin further writes that the CEO spends at least 45 minutes with his eyes closed, deep in reflection. He is not meditating or praying but thinking.

When you speak less you will have time to think more that will make you a better and successful person.


Boosts your productivity
It is impossible to focus on work while speaking. Even car drivers fail to focus fully on driving if they are speaking more. Reduction in focus reduces productivity.

Let’s be practical. Imagine you are writing an article and talking to someone over the call simultaneously. Will you able to write your article effectively with a focused mind? No, right?

That is what talking more does to your mind. It distracts you from your work and reduces the level of productivity. Speak less to boost your productivity and succeed in life.


Makes heart submissive
Their hearts are full of illness who speak more and indulge in bad speech. They have the indomitable heart. The cannot grasp advice even if it is from the Quran. Their heart will not quiver.

Ibnu Umar reported that the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him said, “Don’t you talk much unless for zikr to Allah because talking more leads to indomitable heart and the farthest human from Allah is the one with indomitable heart, those who unwilling to receive guidance.” [Tirmidzi].

On the other hand, if you talk less you speak what is necessary and then indulge in zikr of Allah. Which makes your heart submissive to Allah.


Escapes quarrels 
People who speak more are often caught in quarrel because they do not think before speak. They unknowingly make hurtful statements that lead to a quarrel.

Such people also indulge in quarrels because they do not listen carefully to what people are saying and they tend to misunderstand, react quickly and indulge in a quarrel.

On the contrary, if you speak less you react after thinking much. This will help you to avoid any upcoming quarrel.


People love you
I know you ignore often those who speak more. Even I do this. Nobody likes such kind of person. Because they are boring. They do not have valid points to make their speeches interesting. As I said above they repeat one point several times which makes everyone cranky.

If you want people like you and admire you either speak intellectually and make valid points or keep silent.

The saying “The smarter you get the less you speak” is better expressed as “The less you speak the smarter you get.” So, speak less and be smart.