A country without communal harmony is like a forest with various animals who are ready to kill each other. During this coronavirus pandemic, many events are seen and talked about that are disturbing communal harmony of India. They are going viral on social media so much that events that promote communal harmony are somewhat ignored. 

Point to be observed is that those who are disturbing communal harmony are not from a particular community. They are mixed with every religion. Fortunately, those who disturb communal harmony have no religion. It is an injustice to blame an entire community for the mistake of a group of insensitive people. 

Here is the list of events took place during this unprecedented lockdown that promotes communal harmony of India. 


Mosque and gurudwara join hands to feed lockdown affected people in Delhi

In Delhi’s Kalu Sarai neighbourhood, a mosque and gurudwara came together to feed migrant workers who are left with no money and food due to the lockdown in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. According to The Caravan website, they began distributing nutritious mixed vegetable pulao packets to the needy people in various areas since 30 March 2020. They have been distributing more than 700 food packets. 


Three Hindu friends set up a community kitchen in the Muslim majority area

Paritosh Pant, Pooja Reddy and Pavneet Sidhu set up a community kitchen called ‘Feeding From Far’ in Mumbai’s Baiganwadi slum. The Slum is dominated by Muslims. But, the trio Hindus who were from the same school Kendriya Vidyalaya at IIT Bombay did not bother about the religion of the residents. 

“What we see is they are in need of food. We as a society can collectively help them,” Pooja. They have been distributing nutritious bhaji and paw to more than 5000 people every day, twice a day. They are aiming to feed 50,000 people every day. Read the full article here


Muslims performed last rites of a Hindu 

The deceased, Rajendra Bagri, was a resident of Bajrang Nagar in Bhatta Basti in Jaipur. The area is Muslims dominated and Rajendra’s family is the only Hindu family in the area. In April, Rajendra passed away due to cancer. He was survived by his wife and two children, who did not even have the money for the funeral. 

According to the Free Press Journal report, no family members or relatives of the deceased stay close by. Hence, the Muslims of the area contributed money and gave shoulder to Rajendra’s deceased body. 

This is not the only one event, but according to media reports, in Bulandshahar, Kanpur and Hyderabad also Muslim came together for their Hindu neighbour’s last rites.    



Two friends from different religions are feeding lockdown affected people in Hyderabad

Jitender and Mohammed Mukarram in Hyderabad have been distributing food to poor and homeless people twice a day. According to Siasat.com, the duo has been distributing cooked food including rice and dal to more than 200 badly affected people.  


A Muslim NGO is distributing food to lockdown affected people across India

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH ) and Students Islamic Organisation (SIO), non-profit Muslim organisations have been distributing foodgrains and cooked food to those who are badly affected by the lockdown across India. They are also providing financial help. 

“We have provided relief to 8,38,417 people across the country, at a cost of around Rs 10 crore. We distributed 5,80,519 food kits, 4,32,228 cooked food packets, 38,8852 face masks and 3,970 sanitizers. We have also extended financial help to 10,06,553 people and other services to 44,503 people,” said JIH National Secretary – Social Service, Mohammed Ahmed, reads JIH website. 

The example of communal harmony does not end here. As a citizen of this country, every individual must promote unity and communal harmony and try to stop those who disturb communal harmony. Pledge yourself to save the communal harmony in India. 

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