While people across India are staying at home to save themselves from the deadly Coronavirus, doctors and paramedics are out there treating and saving COVID-19 patients. They are putting their lives in danger to save people. However, it is seen that they are not provided with adequate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) in Hyderabad did their bit in providing PPE kits to doctors in two hospitals. 

Reports are coming in and pictures are going viral on social media about how doctors are struggling to safeguard themselves due to lack of PPE. They are scared of getting infected with COVID-19. Some reports say doctors are using raincoats as PPE while treating COVID-19 patients. “Across Mumbai and across the country we have a scarcity of PPE and the demand is increasing,” said Dr Beena, a doctor in a private Catholic hospital in Mumbai, reports The Telegraph. 

India reported its first case of COVID-19 at the end of January 2020. The government should have been preparing for the need of the future. However, no serious steps were taken for the safety of medical workers in the frontline to fight against the Coronavirus. 


Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) has been providing food grains and cooked food to people who are affected by the lockdown in the wake of the Coronavirus. They now have started to distribute PPE to doctors. JIH from Hyderabad has distributed 100 PPE kits to Gandhi Medical College and Osmania Medical College in coordination with Doctors Association For Relief And Education (DARE). 

Mohammed Rashaduddin, president of Hyderabad JIH, said the time is tough now. “Senior doctors can avail PPE from anywhere as they have enough money. However, juniors can’t as they are working on small salaries,” Rashaduddin said. While talking about the cost of PPE, Rashaduddin told that one PPE is cost about Rs. 1000 and that used only once. 

A doctor from Osmania Medical College told that they are approaching non-profit organisations for PPE help as the government is facing problems in procuring them. The doctors also appreciated the aid by the JIH Hyderabad. 

So far, the states government had permission to procure PPE but now the central government refused them. The centre is planning to procure three lakh PPE this month while the requirement is 1.5 crore units according to a report by Times Of India.

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