It’s been years that I did not read any Urdu book. However, this book titled “Cyberstan, social media aur Muslim Naujawan” (Cyberworld, social media and Muslim youth) penned down by Syed Sadatullah Husaini, Vice President, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) and also the member of Central Advisory Council of JIH, Caught my attention to read because the title is as attractive as the social media to youth today.

The book looks very thin but, inside-material is enough for youth to convince them to use the internet and social media wisely. The book is divided into three segments. The first segment talks about what social media and internet are all about. The second one is about its pros and cons along with its right usage. The third one talks about how an organisation can use social media for better achievements.

The author says in his book that social media and internet are a “virtual world” where people get lost and find it difficult to come out of it soon. He called them a virtual world because it is the world where users misrepresent their identity by posting about good things in life with much glorification. Moreover, users are trapped by this virtual life so much that they get jealous and enmity increases over likes, comments and shares of each other’s social media posts.

In the world of social media and internet, people hardly know what exactly happening each other’s lives. They know whatever they are shown by with glorification.

Sadatullah mentioned some research and studies on the perilous effects of social media and internet. According to one of the research done by Dr Kimberly Young, the excess usage makes people afflicted with “Internet Addiction Disorder” disease that affects overall personality.


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Although, cyber world is dangerous if used unwisely. It is a great platform where a large audience is sitting. Even the writer is convinced over it. That is why he also talked about how organisations can use social media power to achieve its goal and fulfill its causes with little ease.

There is one point that I am not convinced with. The writer in the third segment said that uploading own, family or friends pictures, or updating about travelling and check-ins on social media are waste of time and internet data.

On the contrary, the writer also says in the book that people should behave on social media as in real life.

In real life we all share about where we are visiting and share pictures of family and friends to relevant people. On social media, we can also upload pictures of friends and family of a good time. Moreover, check-ins and travelling updates too with the use of privacy option to show it to relevant people.

I would suggest reading this book if you know Urdu as it is worth reading the book for everyone. The book can be finished in just less than an hour in one sitting as I did. English and Hindi version of the book will be available soon by the same publisher.