There are many who don’t dare to chase their dream because of fear of failure. Afterwards, they regret for the same when they realise that failure is actually a key to success. It is a stepping stone to success. 

I know you can relate to this because you also want to follow your dream but fear of failure is holding you back. There is a successful and enjoyable life beyond the fear of failure. There is a life that you have been dreaming of living. There is a life where you will never get bored of your life anymore. 

I was reading a book titled “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck” authored by well-known blogger Mark Manson. One story that he mentioned in his book intrigued me so much. He writes that once Pablo Picasso was drawing a napkin in a public place. When he finished, one woman approached him and asked if she can get the drawing.  

Pablo Picasso said, “sure. Twenty thousand dollars,” The women shocked and said, “what? It took you like two minutes to draw that.” 
The answer of Pablo Picasso to this really made me realise the importance of failure in life. “No, mam. It took me over sixty years to draw this,” replied Pablo Picasso. 

Which means that it has been sixty years that he is failing and now his failure made him so well that his drawing is really liked by someone.

“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default.” J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling the author whose book series has been translated into 73 languages. Sold millions of copies and accrued over $20 billion through movie adaptations and sponsorships. 

As Rowling said, successful life without failure is impossible. She went through lots of failures while writing her novel Harry Potter. Bad marriage, devastating death of her mother and raising children alone. Despite all these problems, she did not give up on her dream. 

When she finished writing first few chapter she then sent the manuscript to publishers. It was rejected by about 12 publishers. However, this rejection, rather failure did not convince her to give up on her dream and take a job for a living. 
Rowling would not have been so successful if she would give up on her dream after consistent failure. Picasso would not have been one of the most admired artists if he would give up on her drawing after sixty years of failure. 

The above stories of two successful persons make it crystal clear that failure is the part of life and success. Rather, it is the key to success. 

Let’s discuss how failure plays a vital role to make our life journey successful. 

Failure improves our skills and quality. The more we fail at something the more we get improved at it. For instance, you have been writing every day for two years. It is obvious that your consistency in writing had gone you through plenty of mistakes. That leads you to become a prolific writer. Failure tells you where you did wrong and let you learn from the failure. 

If you find one person more knowledgeable and skilful than another one from the same profession it is quite obvious that the more knowledgeable and skilful person had made more mistakes and gone through lots of failure than another one who is found less skilful and knowledgeable.  

Failure makes a person more resilient toward his/her goal. While failure brings improvements in your life it also challenges you. If you take your failure as a challenge you become more resilient and perseverance toward your goal. The moment you face failure tell yourself that, “I am going to beat this failure and let the failure know that it can not stop you making your dreams come true.” 
Success without failure never makes you feel better and conquered at all. It gives no value to success. Think about the college life. You write many exams before you attempt for final one. You work hard. You some time score fewer marks.  Some time fail in exams.  Eventually, when you scored extraordinarily in your final exam you feel like a winner. You value your achievements.  Failure and bad experiences of life teach you how important and valuable your success is.  The more you fail the more valuable your success will be. 

Although, failure is the key to success it is undeniable that it discourages us so much. So much that some people give up on their dreams. Everything has its own bad affects too. 

You need to make sure that you motivate yourself to get up and start where you finished previously after a failure. As we see children who learn to walk with motivation despite failure more than 100 times. Fail today to succeed tomorrow.