More than half of Indian population spends their huge time on social media. They celebrate every occasion and wish everyone on social media. On the other hand, they forget to fulfill their responsibility towards neighbors. 
Youngsters are more addicted to social media. They do not want to put their cell phones aside for a moment. Here are some statistics with regards to usage of social media.
Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) says that 66% of the 180 million Internet users in urban India regularly access social media platforms. Posting and sharing an update as well as replying to something a friend has posted and maintaining one’s virtual profile on Facebook and Twitter are some popular activities done by social media users regularly.
Today’s life goes as such- wake up in the morning- get ready for office-  have breakfast-  go to the office-  come back home and then either watch favorite shows on television or spend time on social media. People do not want to spend time with their neighbors, know what’s going on in their lives and assist them if they are in need.  It is very embarrassing that we live in the same society but do not bother to know each other. We forget to remind ourselves that we are not here to live only our own life but we have some responsibilities towards each other.
Islam says every individual has some duty towards his or her neighbors. Here are some of the duties an individual is supposed to fulfill towards neighbors:
•    Help your neighbors if they ask for any help
•    Give relief to your neighbors if they ask for
•    Lend your neighbors loan if they are in need
•    Do not block your neighbor’s air by raising your building high without permission
•    Do not harass your neighbors
•    Give your neighbor a share when you buy fruits; if you do not eat them without letting your                 neighbor’s children. You must visit when your neighbor is ill
•    You must attend the funeral if someone dies in your neighborhood.
•    If your neighbor commits a sin, prevent.
•    Congratulate him if anyone of your neighbors is met with good fortune
•    Grieve in sympathy if a calamity befalls on your neighbor
•    Regardless of the neighbor’s faith or background, you have to offer them help if they are in need        illness or calamity has fallen on him. It is your duty as a Muslim
We should come out of the digital world and look around. There are many who are willing to share their stories and want to know your stories. Get time for your neighbors, make life colorful.