It is said that 21 days are enough to adopt a habit or routine if we are consistent. You have just spent not 21 but 29 days of beautiful Ramadan in following some habits and routines that have the power to make a better version of yourself if you continue following them. Why? because “The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.” said  Mike Murdock.

Being a Muslim and reader of self-help books I always compare advice and suggestions from books to Islam. Because it is believed that Islam is not only a religion but a way of living life. I bet you if you continue to follow the habits and routines of Ramadan you will improve your life day by day. Ramadan does not prepare you for the success of life hereafter but the success of this life too. Let’s discuss what habits and routines you have adopted because of Ramada and how it will help you to make a huge difference in your life



Wake up early in the morning
It is scientifically and religiously proved that there is something special in waking up at 4 in the morning. This habit is a little tough to adopt but Ramadan helps you to adopt it. Muslims in some countries wake up at 3 and some at 4 as per the timing for Suhur (meal before dawn). Uber successful people are early risers. Because when you wake up early you have enough time for yourself and to prepare for the day.

Some studies have shown that 90% of executives wake up before 6 am on weekdays, and nearly 50% of self-made millionaires wake up at least three hours before their workday actually begins.



Connect with the source of energy
In Ramadan, you connect with God more often in your day and even during the nights. You recite the Quran, pray more and indulge in talk with God. This is very powerful and important. There was a time when I hardly indulge in prayer to connect with God. However, whether you believe it or not but I really feel blessed and became more optimistic towards life when I pray regularly. God is a source of energy that we gain the advantage of when we pray.

Jen Sincero writes in her bestselling book ‘You Are A Badass’ that there is a superpower you have to start awareness of and relationship with. “The source of energy that is surrounding you and within you, and which will be your pal ever if you give it a chance.”



You are punctual in Ramadan from waking up for Suhur to congregational prayers to Iftar. Moreover, you also become punctual in your day for other tasks because you wake up early and you have enough time to plan your day and execute properly. This is for those who sleep early and don’t sleep again after Suhur.

You must know the importance of punctuality if you have ever missed your train or your salary has been reduced to half for the day just reaching office 10 minutes late. “Strict punctuality is a cheap virtue”- Benjamin Franklin.



You need to be flexible because sometimes you have to stay at work a little extra. Ramadan teaches you to be flexible. In the last 10 days of Ramadan, you have to pray entire night especially the odd nights because rewards get multiplied. You are awake entire night praying and asking for forgiveness. After early morning prayer (Fajr prayer) you sleep for a few hours. This teaches us that sometimes we have to break the usual routine when something important comes up. Flexibility is one of the important traits to do something extraordinary in life.



Muslims across the globe fast for more than 14 hours every day in Ramadan. They manage to fast only because of patience. In other days we can’t stay without food for even four hours. Muslims muster so much patience that they don’t eat anything even if they have food in front of them during fasting hours. Patience is very important to be happy and optimistic about life. It is the patience that ward you off against evil deeds when you are angry. It is the patience that helps you to be hopeful for better in life when adversity comes to you.



Abstinence from unnecessaries
You refrain yourself from doing unnecessary things such as watching comedy videos on social media and playing games. Because it is a waste of time. Rather, they use the time for prayer and reciting the Quran. Which means they manage to prioritize important tasks over the least or not important tasks. If you continue this habit you will definitely accomplish your life goals. Because you are doing things that contribute to your goals in some ways or another. You are focused in life.



You read the Quran as much as possible. There are many who finish reading the Quran more than three times in this beautiful month. That is how you develop the habit of reading. Reading books is one of the most essential and important traits that help people grow faster in life. You can read more about the importance of reading books here.




Maintain life-after-work 
In Ramadan, you not only work but try hard to find time for prayers and having iftar with family and without saying, for lots of shopping too. There are many who wants to do so excel in their professional life that they don’t find time for family. Ramadan teaches you to find time for family and shopping- this is called maintain life-after-work. We all know that a happy family is very important for a successful and prosperous life.



Learn to be happy
Wanting more is human nature. If we have an expensive home we crave for expensive cars then expensive phone and so on. The list never ends. However, in Ramadan, you came to know what it is like to be hungry the entire day. you help people who are vulnerable in society. You learn the importance of giving. Giving makes you feel satisfied with what you have, instead of complaining about what you don’t have. It is obvious that when you are grateful for what you have you are happy.

God has given you 29 days to adopt life-changing habits and routines. Now it’s your choice to either keep them and shift your life from where you are to where you want to be or end up reaching nowhere. The choice is yours.


Happy Eid!!!