On 27 May an incident took place in a village called Saidapur in Amethi district, Uttar Pradesh. The matter escalated so much that the victim family is paranoid staying in the village. One of the members of the victim family took to social media for help. In result, the matter turned into a communal issue that made news headlines too.  

It started when Utkarsh Dwivedi son of Anil Dwivedi was sitting in his mango farm. Some goats entered his mango farm and started eating leaves. Utkarsh prevented the goats from eating leaves. The owner of the goats got angry and started beating Utkarsh with his few more friends. The matter did not end there. On the second day, some people thronged outside the Utkarsh house and pelted stones at his house. 

Since the situation got intensified, Utkarsh father Anil went to Amethi police station to file the complaint. However, according to Anil, no proper support from the police was received. “Even after my complaint, the group of people who attacked my son were troubling us mentally by rumours in the village,” told Anil. 




How the issue got communal? 

Exactly 15 days later when Anil and his family tired of waiting for justice, Utsav, the youngest son of the family put up a board outside his house saying ‘the house is on sale’. Utsav wrote on the board that his family is in danger from a religious community that is why they want to sell the house and shift to another safer place. 

Utsav did not mention the name of any community, however, many news reports reported the issue with a communal angel. Saying a Hindu family (Anil’s family) is threatened and attacked by the Muslim community in the Saidapur. Not only news reports but many on social media also disturbing the communal harmony in India through communalising the issue. 


Screenshot of the reports by OpIndia and BreakTube. They made the issue communal.


Before I prove the matter is not communal at all, I would like to reveal the community of the attackers and the victims. The victim is Brahmin (Hindu) and the attackers are Muslims. However, it does not justify that the matter is communal. Because the group of people who attacked Utkarsh and pelted stones at Anil’s house are a nuisance for the entire villagers. “Even for Muslims, the group of people are troublemakers,” said Anil. 

Moreover, Anil also said that the village has about 12-14 houses. “Only 4-5 houses are of Muslims and rest are Brahmans and some other Hindu community,” added Anil. That means, about 80% population of Amethi’s Saidapur is Hindu. 

Now, the situation is normal. Even the group of people who attacked Utkarsh are not making trouble for the Utkarsh’s family. “The police has assured us that nothing will happen to us. However, we are scared and can’t sleep with a peaceful mind. But we have to keep faith in the police,” added Anil.