A picture of a person called Apoorv Singh hailing from the LBGTQ community was rolling on social media after he committed suicide. Apparently, the reason for committing suicide was nothing but the homophobia of society. This is not the first case in India. But, in 2019, a gay person committed suicide because of the same reason- homophobia of society. 

On September 6, 2018, the Supreme Court of India struck down article 377 and made homosexuality decriminalised in India. That means, practising homosexuality or having a physical relationship with the same sex is not considered as a crime in India anymore. 

This is what many call a historic decision by Indian judiciary. This may have given some relief for the LBGTQ community. However, society is not accepting the community wholeheartedly. Hence people from the community are going through frustration, depression and at the extreme suicidal thought and act.   

Bullying, discrimination and harassment are common for the people of the LBTQ community. Love Preet, who is a gay from Lucknow told that people of his office (working previously) would call him with different names. “That is the reason I left the company and started my own business,” told Love. 

Apoorv had done M.tech from IIT Roorkee and was doing preparations for PhD in Dehradun. In the suicide note, he did not blame anyone for his act of suicide, however, what he wrote is actually disheartening. “agar ek Duniya se chala jayega to koi Farq nhi padega“. 

People from LBGTQ community took to social media and expressed condolences for Apoorv’s death. From the post it is clear that he was going through depression. Many blamed society’s homophobia for his depression and suicide. 

In 2019, a boy Avinshu Patel from Chennai committed suicide and he clearly expressed that the reason for suicide is nothing but the homophobia of the society. 

“Everyone knows I am a boy. But the way I walk, think and talk is like a girl. People in India do not like that,” Avinshu posted on Facebook before killing himself. His body was found on the beach near his residence by the locals.

This is what Avinshu Patel wrote on his Facebook page before committing suicide

Experts believe that experiences such as rejection, stigma, bullying and discrimination put them at higher risk for considering, planning, or attempting suicide. LGBTQ youth are significantly more likely to try taking their own life compared to their heterosexual and cisgender peers. 

Dr Parvez Mandiwala, a dentist from Mumbai who was interested to explore the subject ‘homosexuality’ researched on the same and delivered his findings at Research Academy of Social Science Colloquium at Aurangabad in February this year. Although his research is more of Islamic oriented, the research clearly says homophobia is against Islam. Even, Dr Parvez believes that society should not be homophobic. 

Dr Parvez found that having attraction towards same-sex is either inborn or acquired. However, “It is difficult to say who is homosexual by birth or who is acquired because sexual orientation gets revealed at the age of puberty,” told Dr Parvez. He further told that having an attraction towards the same sex is not wrong but acting upon it is against Islam. 

While talking about homophobia Dr Parvez said that “we should respect homosexuals but not their act of homosexuality or indulgence in homosexuality.”  

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