You eat fast foods every day. You spend after-office-hours watching TV at home. You wake up late in the morning. You do not finish even one book in six months. You scroll up and down social media without any reason. You know that all these “bad habits” will have detrimental effects and destroy your life. Unfortunately, you are not able to get rid of your bad habits and adopt good ones. Fortunately, you stumble upon this article where you will get to know some great and feasible steps that you can follow to change your bad habits. Read on…..

I was also night owl a few months ago. Which is why I would wake up late. In result, my morning schedules would get ruined. I would also curse myself all day for not waking up early in the morning and follow my morning schedules. To get rid of this situation, I started reading articles, books and watching YouTube videos on habit. My research on habit taught me how a habit forms and how it can be replaced by another one.

Because this added information on the habit I started waking up at 5 in the morning and follow my schedule. In result, I am able to achieve my daily and weekly goals regularly. Which ultimately taking me closer to my success. I would like to share six steps that can help you to get rid of the bad habits that you have been trying for years.


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Know your bad habits

Get a pen and paper. Write down all the bad habits you have been following. For instance, waking up late. Smoking. Spending hours watching TV and YouTube videos one after another. Using social media without any purpose.

Ignorance is not the solution for your problems that are caused by your bad habits. You have to know the problems and their sources to get rid of it. Once you are done with listing the bad habits dive in the second step.


Know the results of the bad habits

Write down the detrimental effects of your bad habits. For instance, you wake up around 9-10 which is why you are not able to reach office on time. Moreover, you are not able to work on your personal projects that you want to do such as writing a book, or starting a YouTube channel, or reading books, or developing a software. You are also not able to exercise for better health.

See the long-term effects of your bad habits not short-term. For example, if you wake up late for six months or one year your office record will be bad and you will not able to work on your personal projects. In result, you will destroy your both professional and personal life.


Know the reasons to change bad habits

Ask yourself why you want to get rid of your bad habits. For instance, you wake up around 9-10 in the morning and you want to wake up at 5 in the morning. To know the reason for quitting bad habit ask yourself why you want to wake up at 5 in the morning.

For me, it is because I want to work on my website, exercise for about 45 minutes and spend some time in prayer and planning my day. Similarity, do it for every bad habit. This will give you reasons for adopting the good habits. Which is very important.


See the long-term pleasure of good habits

One of the main reasons people fail to get rid of bad habits is they see the pleasure of bad habits greater than the pleasure of good habits. For instance, being awake till midnight watching Netflix or favorite shows is a great pleasure but only for a few minutes. On the other hand, waking up early and following morning schedule for six months or one year will give your great pleasure in the form of success.   

Do not get discouraged by following good habits for one week and seeing no results. See the big picture. you will reap tomorrow what you sow today. So sow good seeds by good habits.  


Take responsibility for bad habits

Unless you do not take responsibility for your bad habits you can not change it. For instance, you wake up late in the morning. You blame your family for not waking you up at 5 in the morning. You blame Netflix for engaging you in the show late at night. If you blame your surroundings you can not change it.  

Tell your mind that it is you who end up watching favorite shows late night and wake up late in the morning. It is you who snoozes alarm because you sleep late and want little more sleep. Then only you can stop watching your favorite shows and sleep early to wake up early. You have to train your mind for this.


Dislike the bad habits

Last but not the least, dislike your bad habits as much as you can. For instance, if you want to quit waking up late then dislike it out loud. Talk to people that waking up late is disgusting and you do not like it. Daniel Chidiac who is a writer from Australia wrote his first book “Who Says You Can’t? You Do”  writes in this book that if you want to quit smoking and someone offers you a cigarette, you should immediately answer, “That’s disgusting” or “Yuck”.

Say it with meaning, confident and without too much deliberation. Because the language you speak to yourself affects your action. If you dislike your bad habits mentally you will quit it physical. It is all about how you train your mind.  

Follow the above steps and you will observe that you are adopting good habits and bad habits are vanishing.