Remind yourself the anecdotes when you ‘thought’ rather ‘expected’ something bad and unfortunately, you go the same. Let me share my one such anecdote with you. 

The incident goes back to seven years when I was in my first year of junior college. I was running late to reach my examination hall early in the morning. My elder brother decided to drop me by his bike. We left the home keeping in mind to ride the bike at high speed to reach examination hall before time. 

Running late and speeding bike filled my mind with expectations that were hazardous. Such as- what if I will not reach examination hall on time? What if I was not allowed to attempt the exam because of lateness? What if I would fail in this exam?  

The negative thoughts were not restricted to getting late and missing the exam. It reached to the extent of negativity where I was thinking if I meet with some accident because of speeding bike.

This particular negative thought seemed to be turning into reality. We almost saved our-self smashing vehicles twice during the ride. 

Oh! It was not only me who was expecting something misfortune in the way. But, my brother was also inflicted with a negative thought. “why am I having the thought of meeting with an accident?” Said, my brother, once he managed to escape an accident. 

This is how your mind works. If you expect bad you might receive bad. On the other hand, if you expect good you will absolutely get good. 

The below hadith (teachings of prophet Muhammad) clearly advocates what is written above. 

“Allah, all Glory and  Praise  be to Him,  has  said, ‘Whatever My servant  assumes  of Me, that  is how  I will treat  him,  and I am with him when he remembers Me.” [Muslim, Sahih al-Jami’ # 8138]

Even research also says the same. In March 2016 a study published in the Journal of Behavior Research and Therapy. The study explained that one group was asked to visualize an image of a positive outcome to each of the three worries they had had in the past week. 

Another group was asked to think of verbal positive outcomes whenever they started to worry.  

The result that came out is surprising. The groups reported greater happiness, restfulness and decreased anxiety.

This is the reason Islam urges us to not to indulge in thoughts that are negative. The negative thoughts are from the devil, satan. It is better to not embrace the bad expectations or negative thoughts. 

We can not stop negative thoughts coming to us. However, we absolutely have the power and authority to either embrace them or discard them with positive thoughts. 

Let me take you through prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) life journey where he would face situations that might have caused him negative thoughts. The incidents might have stopped him from fulfilling his duty. 

However, he did not let adversities prevail over him. He expected good every time he would face misfortune.   

He was respected and truthful man in his time. Everybody would embrace him and accept his suggestions. However, when he approached the citizens of Mecca through the peak of As-Safa mountain and asked everyone to accept Islam. He also announced that he received prophecy and he is the messenger of Allah. This turned out to be the most adverse situation. 

The moment he started his duty he was refused, hated, threatened and attacked aiming to kill him. However, he was firmed in his duty and responsibility. He did not allow adversities make him weak and divert from his duty. 

On the contrary, He was sure that one-day people will start accepting what he was saying. He was not expecting any bad result in his way of fulfilling his responsibility. He was expecting good and fortunately better results would fall into his way subsequently. People started to join him in his mission. People started accepting Islam day by day. 

How can you get rid of expecting bad/ negative thoughts? 

Be grateful
Do you know when you are filled with negative thoughts? It is when you are not reminded of your blessings. You are not grateful for the things you have. You just curse yourself for what you lost. 

This attitude makes you expect bad things to come. Even if you have all the skills and capabilities to get through and get what you want. 

“And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, ‘If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favour]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe.” [Quran: 14, 7]

Replace your negativity with positivity
One of the proven techniques to cast the negative thoughts is whenever negative thought approaches you, cut it with positive thoughts.  

For instance, if you have thought like- I am going to get late for my exam and I will fail in this exam. This is a negative thought. Cut it with the thought like- I will reach my examination hall before time and I will succeed in the exam no matter what. 

Your positive thoughts will calm down your mind which can help you think of some good ways to reach your examination hall before time. 

Remember, every problem has a solution. Allah says in the Quran, “Surely, with difficulty, there is ease.” [Quran, 94:5]

Share your worries with Allah
If you have any problems or worries share them with Allah. He is the only one who knows how you can get away from problems and worries. 
We all know that sharing problems with anyone reduces stress, so why not share it with one who is greatest and has power over all. 

“It is Allah Who created the seven heavens and of the Earth the same number, the Command descending down through all of them, so that you might know that Allah has power over all things and that Allah encompasses all things in His knowledge.” (Quran, 65: 12)  

Avoid negative people
People influence each other. If you are spending time with those who have negative thoughts all the time you will become as they are. Avoid such people and join people who are filled with good expectations. 

“And incline not to the disbelievers and the hypocrites. Disregard their annoying talk, and put your trust in Allah. Allah is sufficient as Trustee.” [Quran, 33:48]

Do some calculation
Negative thoughts prevail when you know that you can not do a certain thing. For instance, I knew that I will not reach my examination hall on time that is why negative thoughts prevailed upon me. The thoughts would have vanished if I would have done some calculations. Such as how much time I had to reach the examination hall and how much time bike will take to drop me at my destination. 

In my case, I had reached my examination hall before five minutes. I had saved myself from all negative thoughts that were making my mind unrest if I would have done some calculations. 

As Paulo Coelho once said, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” So, expect good and all the universe will conspire to get you good.