You want to work on your personal projects. You put in every effort to plan for it and promised yourself to start from the next day. However, when the next day appears you delay it until coming Monday. This delaying practice wastes your many days until the last week of the running month appears. Guess what, you again promise yourself to start working on your personal projects from the first day of the coming month.

That is how many Mondays and months pass and you realize that the deadline for your personal projects has arrived. This is the moment you regret not working on your personal projects as planned. That is called procrastination. Every individual battle with procrastination, however, those who manage to triumph over procrastination (avoid procrastination ) are successful in their life.

My father used to tell me a story. The story goes as such: Once upon a time in a village, a farmer was very happy because he saw that his wheat farm yields more than what was expected so far. The time of harvest arrived and he happily has done with harvesting till the evening. He was tired so he delayed taking all the harvested wheat inside a room until the very next day. Although, the work was just for 15 minutes only.

He went for sleeping happily dreaming of more profits this time. But the destiny has something horrible for him.

The farmer woke up in the middle of the night to a heavy rain. He hurriedly went out of his room to save his harvested wheat but found that all the wheat were floating in the rain. That is when he cursed himself for procrastinating the 15-minute work.

The farmer paid a heavy price for procrastination. I know you do not want to pay such a heavy price for procrastinating your important tasks. So, read on to know how you can overcome procrastination and succeed in your life.


Procrastination is a habit that can be changed
I have received many questions that reads, “I am a procrastinator and do not know how to get rid of it?” I would like to say that nobody is a procrastinator. Because procrastination is a habit and habit can be changed.

Melanie “Mel” Robbins who is an American on-air CNN commentator, television host, author and motivational speaker says that people procrastinate when they are stressed about something. For instance, if you are procrastinating for going to the gym then it is obvious that you are stressed about something. Find out the reason for the stress and sort it out.


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What do you do when you are procrastinating? You either watch comedy videos, go for a small walk or talk to friends etc. As soon as you do some such activities you feel relaxed.

As I said earlier procrastination is a habit that can be changed with habit changing technique. To change a habit you need to find out three things. One is ‘Cue’, the second is ‘Routine’ and third is ‘Reward’.

In the case of procrastination you are stressed with something which is your Cue, you watch some comedy videos which is your Routine and then you feel relaxed which is Reward.

Now, in order to change your procrastination habit, you have to just replace your routine with something that can help you to involve in the activity or tasks that you want to do. For instance, if you are procrastinating for going to the gym then wear your sports shoes and show up in your gym. Once you start your workout you will gain some momentum and you will feel relaxed.

Let me tell you my story of procrastination and how I deal with it. When I procrastinate writing my blog articles I just switched on my laptop and research on the topic I want to write on. 5-10 minutes pass and I gain interest and momentum in the process and I manage to finish my writing task for the day.

Do not watch comedy videos or talk to friends to delay your important work. Instead, jump on your tasks taking baby steps and you will feel relaxed and achieved in a few minutes.


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Remind yourself of the final consequences
What do you think while you are procrastinating for going to the gym? You think such as who will become a bodybuilder in one day. Such negative thoughts make the procrastination habit stronger. Instead of involving in negative thoughts think of your final consequences of regular procrastination.

Your one-day procrastination can turn into weeks and months that can ruin your bodybuilding dream. Whenever you feel like you are delaying your important work just think of final consequences and do not get trapped in short-term pleasure that you get while procrastinating.


Challenge yourself
This is one of the best tricks that work for me. When I feel like I am procrastinating a lot I challenge myself for one week. I challenge that I will not procrastinate for one week. I put a reward for this such as going out or having dinner in a fancy restaurant on weekends if I win the challenge. I would suggest you do this once and see the changes in your life.

Start with one week and then extend it for 15 days and then one month. Once you win the challenge for one month you will see that you have successfully replaced your procrastination habit with a habit of taking action towards your important tasks without delay.


Plan and gather resources before
As soon as your scheduled time arrived for your workout you find out that your sports shoes are not cleaned. This makes you procrastinate and delay your work out for next day. To avoid this plan your task better and make sure all the necessary things are available before.

If you go for a workout in the morning then make sure your necessary things for the workout are available the night before so that your mind will not have any choice to procrastinate.


Motivate yourself with other’s success
What do you do when you are demotivated and delaying your tasks? You watch motivational videos and get inspired. Do this every time you are procrastinating. I visit Robin Sharma’s website if I am feeling demotivated for writing my blog posts. Robin’s website gives me inspiration. The type of works he is doing and books he is working on are really inspirational for me.

Find out the person in your preferred profession and read about him/her. See what kind of work he/she is doing. This will inspire you to work extra hard to achieve your goals. Which eventually help you to avoid procrastination.

Take action now before you screw your life success. Benjamin Franklin put it very clear, “You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again.”


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