If you believe in overnight success then you need to understand that there is no such thing exists on this planet. Success demands one of the most important habits that majority of the people fail to provide that is ‘Consistency’.

we all experience one thing i.e. irregularity all the time that resists us achieving our goals. We set a goal and create a plan to achieve it. We follow the plan for a few days and then we fail to continue with the plan. When the deadline of the goal approaches we regret not being consistent enough with the plan.

When I was in college one of my classmates would score the highest marks in every exam. Moreover, he would always in for playing, going out, having to get together and helping his family to do home chores. He would also seem calm and relaxed during exams.

I was always curious to know his secret to score highest marks while not spending much time on his study. Once I asked him and he replied, “I study for about two hours every day without fail. I study from the beginning of the year till the end of it.”

In other words, he was consistent in his study. That is why he would achieve more while doing less every day.


How consistency plays an important role in your success?

Consistency is one of the important factors that can not be missed while working hard to achieve goals. Let’s do some calculation to analyse how consistency works in our favour.

For instance, you want to finish a book of 500 pages in a month. You have just 30 days whereas you have to finish 500 pages. In this case, you will break down the number of pages into the number of days you have i.e. 30 days. It will be around 17 pages per day. Now you will have to read only 17 pages every day to finish a book. It takes only 20-30 minutes to read 17 pages a day.

On the other hand, if you don’t read 17 pages every day consistently for 30 days you will fail to achieve your goal.  Maybe you will try to finish the book by reading more number of pages at a time which is obviously the harder method to follow and may be impossible. Because, if you are not able to spend 30 minutes a day for reading 17 pages then how can you manage more time in a day to read more than 17 pages?


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Once Tony Robbins said, “In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.”

By now we know that consistency is essential to be successful in life but how to be consistent is more important to know. Let’s dive in.


Challenge yourself
One of the best tactics that work for being consistent enough is through the challenge. Challenge yourself that you are going to read 17 pages every day for one week. Once the challenge is completed make it for 15 days and then 30 days. After 30 days you will see that you have developed a habit of reading every day. You will not able to sleep unless you read 17 pages of a book.


Reward yourself
Set a reward for being consistent. For instance, if you are able to read 17 pages every day for 15 days then reward yourself with something that you like. It can be anything from going out somewhere or having dinner in a favourite restaurant etc. I go out on weekends with my family when I see that I managed to be consistent with my plan throughout the week. It gives me motivation for being consistent in upcoming days.


Love the process
No matter how impressive and result-oriented your plan is if you are not interested in the process. You can not do it for a long time. Few days down the line you will burn out and give up. Instead, find out what you like to do for a strong motive before you bet yourself for being consistent throughout your success journey.


Set realistic goals
The biggest thing that resists us from being consistent is that we set unrealistic goals. For instance, finishing two books a week and doing five to six tasks early in the morning etc. All these unrealistic goals will refrain you from practising consistency. Instead, plan to read one book a week and do only two important tasks early in the morning. Dream big but keep your daily, weekly and monthly goals small that can be achieved.


Consider mistakes as the learning points
Why did you give up following your plans earlier? It is because you followed your plan for only a week and cry foul for seeing no results. Maybe you made a few mistakes and consider yourself incompetent enough. Not seeing results and failing are learning points. You will learn something when you face failure. Do not give up. Instead, analyse your failure and change your failure into success.


Use motivational tools
We get demotivated by failures and hurdles we face while trying hard to be consistent with our plans. To avoid this we should use some tactics and tools to get motivated along the success journey. I suggest reading self-help and biographies of successful people. You can also watch motivational and self-help videos on YouTube. However, be careful. Don’t see YouTube videos one after another. Just watch one or two when required.


Use positive language
“I can’t do it” “I am not able to do it” “I will not be able to do it” All these are negative language that resists us from doing what we want to do. Instead, use positive language such as “I will do it” and “I am capable enough to do it”. The language that you use has the biggest impact on your action. Your mind perceives and prepares for what you tell your mind.


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Remove barriers
Recognise the barriers that hold you back doing what you want and remove it. Take the example of reading books regularly. Why don’t you do it regularly? Because you have social media platforms in your cell phone that buzz all the time. You come from office and bump on a couch watching your favourite shows one by one. Remove, all the barriers. I don’t ask you to abandon your favourite shows but reading is important for your success. You can watch favourite shows on weekends.


Fixed schedule
If you want to make a habit of reading 17-20 pages every day then do it at the same time every day. It can be early in the morning just after you wake or before you sleep in the night. Fix a schedule for it and stick to it. This will help you to be consistent enough with reading books. You can use this formula for all your tasks to be consistent at them.


Find your right time
Some people say wake up early at 5 in the morning to get the most important tasks done. Some suggest you to use some other time of the day to achieve your daily goals. But, you know yourself best. Find out what time of the day you are most productive to get your most important goals done. I am not saying others are wrong. It is just how can they know your best productive hours.


Do it even if you don’t feel like
Sometimes you don’t feel like doing it in the process of being consistent. Do not worry it is absolutely normal. Every successful people face this. However, no matter whether you like it or not just do it. Once you pick up the book you are reading you will ultimately gain interest to read. Do not trap in procrastination zone. Remember, you are not a robot so give yourself one day off in a week for refreshment.


Follow the above tips for every task that you think is important for your success and be consistent enough to increase your chances of getting where you want to be in your life.


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