You can’t feed the entire world at a time. But you can do it by feeding one person after another. A R Rahman Saifi, 26-year-old, from Lucknow has been feeding people who are struggling to put food on the tables due to lockdown in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Rahman is a social worker and caretaker. He is also studying journalism. He has a passion to change society for the better. A few months ago, he convinced the Lucknow Municipality to clean the piles of garbage lying in his area for years. , Daliganj, Lucknow. Rahman made headlines not only in local media but national also for his praiseworthy work. Now, he seems to be using that exposure to feed the lockdown affected people in Lucknow. Read his previous work here

Rahman has been receiving financial as well as food items help from the people who know him and his social work. Through this help, Rahman is feeding daily wage labourers who are left with money to survive due to lockdown. Rahman with his team who are also students is cooking food and distributing it amongst hungry people. They are also distributing food items such as Chana, oil, rice and pulses. 

“We have been distributing whatever we are receiving from generous people,” Rahman told. He further added that they are trying to reach out as many needy people as possible through the help.  

Rahman and people in his team who are helping in packing and distribution of food items are Muslim but they are not showing any sign of discrimination. They are helping people based on their condition. “Since we received enough food items recently, we are now focusing on a Dalit Basti (area) in Lucknow,” Rahman told. 

Talking about the condition of the Coronavirus lockdown affected people in Lucknow, Rahman told, “We know how much daily wage workers earn. Sometimes they earn something and sometimes they earn nothing. They live in rented small houses and shanties. They are already struggling to feed their families.” 

The team of Rahman is packing food items

Asking if Uttar Pradesh government is doing anything for them, Rahman replied that the state government has launched community kitchens in Lucknow to provide cooked food to needy people. However, “I don’t think they are working efficiently. I am asking every needy person, in my contact, if they are receiving any help from the community Kitchens, their answers are negative,” Rahman revealed. 

He also talked to an official from Lucknow Municipality asking why they are not distributing food to every deserving people. The official instead of replying to his question suggested, “You guys keep distributing food as much as possible,” told Rahman. He further said that the community kitchen in Lucknow is doing just 20% of its work.

Whopping money is contributed to PM Cares relief fund, however, its usage is yet to be seen. The transparency is not shown by the Indian government so far even in this critical time as far as helping poor people is concerned. 

Rahman is trying hard to provide food to needy people during this severe time. However, your help is needed to reach out to more and more people. Open your heart and wallet to help the needy people. Those who are in Lucknow can help Rahman with food items and those who are out of Lucknow can help him with money. 

Reach out to Rahman at 7042819483


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