To tackle the coronavirus outbreak, Prime Minister Narendra Modi imposed Janta Curfew for a day. Then ordered a 21-day lockdown across the nation, believing this is the only step to control the COVID-19 from spreading. On one hand, he took the necessary step. On the other hand, he had no plan for lockdown affected people such as daily wage workers and those who have no secure income. However, many organizations and individuals came forward to help them. Muslim bodies Jamaat-E-Islami Hind and Students Islamic Organisation of India are two of them. 

The coronavirus issue has been in India for about two months. Since then, Many across India, started to avoid socialising as a precautionary measure. In March, many companies started to ask their employees to work from home to avoid gatherings. From the mid of March, people began preferring to stay home as much as possible. Hence, businesses and daily wage workers got affected due to no work. Then a 21-day lockdown was enforced that will continue till April 14, 2020. 

The condition of daily wage workers and those whose earning was mere hand to mouth worsened so much that they fear of going hungry. Some said if they are not infected with COVID-19, then they will die of hunger. Looking into the situation, national-level non-profit organizations Jamaat-E-Islami Hind (JIH) and Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) together took the initiative to distribute food materials so that the affected people don’t sleep hungry. 

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Food kits are kept in advance for distribution.

They began distributing food kits including pulses, rice, oil and flour from the day when Janta Curfew was enforced, March 22, 2020. They are largely focusing on areas where the number of affected people are more, such as slum areas, in Mumbai. So far, they have managed to distribute 38715 food kits amongst 9012 families across Mumbai. That has cost them a whopping Rs. 2849800. A volunteer, Khan Mohammed Ariz, who is a member of SIO also, said that a family, from a food kit, can cook food for about a week.

The organisations are spread across Mumbai as well as India. They have what they call units across the nation. Every unit has some members of JIH and SIO. This network is helping them to identify the needy people who are affected by the lockdown. They are doing surveys and distributing food kits simultaneously. 

“The number of needy people will increase to 70% in a week as people will run out of money and food materials at home,” Ariz said, who is distributing food kits in a slum area called Baba Nagar, falls under Shivaji Nagar, Mumbai. 

When asked how long they are going to help the people, Obaidur Rahman told that the organisations have no plan to stop as long as the lockdown affected people are in need. They are leaving no stone unturned to receive help from people who are capable of helping. 

“We are circulating account details of JIH requesting people to donate whatever money they can so that we keep helping the needy people,” told Obaidur Rahman, media secretary, JIH, Mumbai. 

As JIH and SIO are spread across India, they are not only helping people in Mumbai, but all the cities. Members and volunteers are seen distributing food kits and cooked food on the ground in various cities. They are also distributing cooked food also to those who have no means to cook.

They are working hard to make sure nobody is sleeping empty stomach. However, your help is required until the lockdown affected people are back to normal life. Your smallest help through money or food materials to the organisations can help put food on the table for a hungry family. 


For donation

Union Bank of India
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