American basketball coach Bob Knight once said, “Everyone wants to win, but not everyone is willing to prepare to win.” I am 100% agree with him. That is why a majority of people plan perfectly to achieve their goals. However, only a few of them manage to achieve. Rest of them give up on their plans. I was also one of those who plan but fails to execute it consistently. Nevertheless, this time I lived my days exactly as I planned and the change in me convinced me to share my experiences with you.

Before I proceed to share my experiences I would like to tell you how I want to spend my days that can help me to achieve my goals.

My daily plans
* Wake up at 5 in the morning
* Perform early morning prayer
* Work on my website for an hour
* Jogging for about 45 minutes
* Get ready for office
* Read Quran
* Spend some time with family (after office hours)
* Read before sleeping
* No cellphones and Laptop after 11 in the night.

This is how I want to spend my days except for Sundays. Because, on Sundays, I want to spend more time with family, enjoy more, watch my favourite episodes that I ignored during weekdays, visit some places. Making Sunday unusual day and being away from work refresh your body and mind. It also makes you productive in coming weekdays.


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The experiences and benefits are really inspiring to me and I believe they are inspiring to you too. Some of them are explained below.

Since I was awake at 5 in the morning I was proactive and had enough time for ‘me time’. I was on time for early morning prayer that I have been dreaming of for many days. Enough time and proactive days helped me to be punctual for meetings, appointments and everything that I had on my to-do list.

According to a survey “Morning-oriented and conscientious students scored higher on punctuality.” Although the survey was done on students it also applies to every individual.


Personal projects
It is important to indulge in some personal projects that help to innovate and bring creativity to your work. That is why Google company permits its employees to spend 20% of their office hours on personal projects, i.e. Google’s 80/20 policy. Hence, I spend my morning hours on my personal projects such as writing blog posts for my website or working on my upcoming book.

I work on my personal projects before office hours because I don’t want to disturb my office projects.

Good health:
Because of jogging, I observed that I had no acidity problem that I face more often. Jogging gives me a sense of a healthy life. Apart from this I now avoid outside foods as much as I can and consume fruits and juices to get ready for jogging every day and stay healthy. Jogging also helps me to stay active during the day.

While jogging many ideas pop up in my mind to achieve my goals better and easier.


Recite Quran
Quran is one of the most important and necessary books for everyone. However, we tend to avoid it which is why we fail to understand life and unable to tackle with turbulence in life. Since I have been able to wake up early in the morning I have at least 30 minutes to recite the Quran and understand it better.

“………… We have revealed to you the book which clarifies every matter…….” [Quran, Sura An-Nahl, verse 89]


Happy relationship
I am more productive at work. I have enough time to complete my personal and professional projects. And without a doubt, I had enough time to spend with family. I do not bring office work at home. Moreover, I am done with my personal projects early in the morning. Now I have time .to spend with family in the evening. Which makes you happy and gives a peaceful mind.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) would spend quality time with his family every evening. Spending good time with family is also a charity in Islam.

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said: “When you smile at your brother’s face, it is a charity.” [Tirmidhi]


Finished a book
Bill Gates reads before he sleeps. He is an avid reader and finishes one book every week. I also followed him and found that I managed to finish one book. Because you are away from hustle and bustle and focused in reading. Reading in peace also helps to take maximum from books.

It also helps me to fall asleep better and early. Because flipping through the pages of a book signals your body that it’s time to go to bed because it calms your brain and helps you decompress after a hectic day.


No snooze button
As I have not been using my laptop and cellphone after 11 in the night I was able to finish one book in a week. It also helps to fall asleep easily. Moreover, the habit of pressing the snooze button also vanished because I keep my cell phone in my kitchen and I walk into my kitchen to cancel the alarm every day at 5 in the morning. While walking towards my kitchen I remind myself the routine to follow and goals to achieve.

Arianna Huffington, a Greek-American author, syndicated columnist, and businesswoman. She was also the co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post. She also avoids her electronics while on the bed for better sleep and wakes up early in the morning.


Productive and inspired 
Personal projects were going on perfectly as I planned, jogging, punctual for everything and reading one book in a week. All these changes rather achievements in my life that never happened before inspired me so much that I was more productive all day.

Stop whatever you are doing. Write goals that you want to achieve in life. Plan your month, week and days to achieve them. And follow your plan for a week and you will be surprised to see the changes in your life.