They say your wealth is measured by the amount of money you spend on a wedding. But a 20-year-old woman from Kerala defied this social belief and did something unusual at her wedding. She, through her wedding, sent out a message that if you have more money you can help some of those who are in need on your wedding. 

Salwa hails from Kerala’s Poopalam who is doing her graduation, Bachelor of Business Administrative (BBA), from Al-Jamia Arts And Science College, Poopalam. She recently got married during the lockdown with social distancing protocol. Against Kerala’s social norm, Salwa’s wedding was not expensive despite she belongs to a well off family. Salwa told over the telephonic interview that her father is a contractor in the real estate business. 

Salwa before her wedding, which was scheduled on 2nd April, told her family and now husband that she did not want to wear expensive jewellery and that she wanted to use the money to help few others get married. You will be surprised to know that her family and husband did not question her social cause and agreed to the same. They found six couples who were planning to get married but because of financial constraint, they were delaying their wedding. 


All seven couples who got married on the day when Salwa got married. (PC: Social Media)


“The couples were very poor. Some of them are orphans too. They wanted to get married but they were facing money problems,” told Salwa. 

Salwa and six couples got married on 4 June (postponed the wedding for some reason) while abiding by the lockdown protocols. She told that she gave the couples some gold and bridal dresses. “It was my childhood dream which is now fulfilled. It feels good,” added Salwa. She further added that her father indulges in social work a lot which could be the reason she did not face hurdles from her family. The Nikah (Islamic ritual of marriage) of all couples was done at Salwa’s residence. 

Salwa has been receiving huge appreciation from family, friends and society for setting an example in the state where big fat weddings are normal and praised by society. 


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