People often misunderstood the difference between leaders and managers. Just because someone got the opportunity to manage a group of people does not mean the person is a leader.

Robin S. Sharma, renowned author and motivational speaker once said,  “Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire teammates and customers.”

Leaders are those who inspire others and them do what they want. Leadership is not about ruling someone or group of people but to influence them so much that they themselves do what you want them to do. There are many people who are in the position to lead a team but they often fail to do so. People don’t like the rulers. They want leaders who can really inspire them for betterment.

For instance, Neil Patel, a renowned digital marketing expert. He has that quality to inspire and influence people. Whatever he says people follow him to grow their business in the digital world.

To become a good leader we should master the qualities of a true leader. I was reading a book named ‘The Messenger: meanings of the life of Muhammad’ authored by prominent personality Dr. Tariq Ramadan. While reading the book I recognised some qualities and habits of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) which can help all of us to become a good leader to lead a team to the success.

Before we dive in leadership qualities from Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) we should know that Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was sent to this world to call everyone to the success. In other words, he was sent down to earth to lead a team. Who could be the better person than Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) to learn leadership qualities who was divinely sent to lead the world.

Here are some leadership qualities from the life of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him):


A person who inspires to become a leader should be honest. As we all know that honesty is the best policy. Although, prophet Muhammad received prophecy when he was 40-year-old. He was honest since his birth. Because of his honesty, the whole Mecca would believe in him. People would often put their valuable things with him because they knew that Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) does not practice jobbery no matter what the circumstances are.

Because of his honesty people who prefer his suggestions and believe in him whatever he would say. That is what a leader needs from his team/ people.


Albeit, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was the prophet for the humankind, but he never disrespects anyone. He would respect everyone from slaves, enemy, women too poor.

A story is very famous about Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) that demonstrate how respectful he was.

The story goes as such, a woman who did not like Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) used to throw trash in the way of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) whenever he would pass by her house. Though this act is full of angst, but he would never disrespect her back or protest against it. On top of that, once the same woman was sick, he went to her house to check her wealth.

Hard worker, Determined And motivated 

Leaders are the hard worker, determined and motivated by the goal. It does not mean that they don’t get demotivated now and then but, they manage demotivation in a different way that doesn’t affect their journey towards their goal.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was determined and perseverance to his goal. He was sent to propagate Islam. He would do hard and try every bit to accomplish the goal.

He was so determined that when he observed that people of Mecca are not accepting the truth he approached people of Taif. However, there he received a hostile response. But this did not let him down. He was so positive that he said the people of Taif will one day accept Islam. That is what happened after few years.

Open To Discussions And Ideas 

As we discussed earlier that leadership is not about ruling a team but to lead the team. Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) would discuss with his companion before coming to any decision. Remember, if you are not discussing anything before decision your team will not adhere you. Moreover, the decision without discussion is a sign of dictatorship and the decision may have many imperils.

Once upon a time, It was revealed that a mammoth enemy is coming to attack Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and his companions. Then the team of Muslims were not in a huge numbers. Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was bewildered what to do to defeat the enemy. He called his companions and discussed the aspects.

One of the companions suggested that they can dig a huge trench around the area so that the enemy cannot approach and attack them. The war is called ‘Battle Of The Trench’. Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) accepted the idea and the idea proved to be successful.

Mentor For The Team 

Training is one of the best things a leader gives to his/ her team. While reading the book I came to know that a leader should impart knowledge to his team so that they become more knowledgeable and skilful.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) would share his knowledge with his companions which are available in the form of his teachings and Quran here now.

Apart from this, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) would ask tricky questions to his companions to grow new neurons for better thinking ability.