After a prolonged treatment Imran was informed that his foot cannot be treated and he has to make a habit of using a wheelchair. It took more than two years for him to accept his disability and then he thought to start life afresh with zeal.  It is tough to take the road less traveled for a person who belongs to a conservative family in a  village of Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh. But, for Imran Qureshi neither discouragement nor his disability stop him from walking the road less traveled.

From his childhood, Imran Qureshi was influenced by artists and never interested in his study. He was always fascinated by paintings and bicycle stunts. He received till 11th standard education from in his village and then shifted to Mumbai to pursue his passion- painting. Since his father was a taxi driver Imran did not get much financial assistance to pursue his passion.

However, financial constraint did not discourage Imran. He tagged with artists and learned the painting skills. After some time he started making paintings on walls and vehicles. He was very passionate to adapt skills to work as a prominent artist. But, all of a sudden he developed a neurological disease causing paralysis in his body including both of his hands and feet.

Since Imran is interested in paintings he thought that he has his efficient hands to make paintings. Initially, he used to make paintings and show to people which would receive many appreciations. The appreciations led him to become an epitome of inspiration and zeal for many.

Now, Imran using his bicycle stunt passion in the wheelchair. He is living his life with a big dream- preparing people of the same disease like him to live life with passion and joy.

Imran is now a student of fine Arts at Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar. Free education is provided to those suffering from disabilities here.
Imran managed some time to interact with me to talk about his life journey so far


Excerpts of the interview….  


Was it easy to accept the disability?
While attached to a conservative background where even people without any disability are also discouraged, it was very hard to tell myself that I would have to survive my whole life on a wheelchair. There was a time during my treatment when it was suspicious that I would not able to survive anymore.
See, we cannot stop things that happen to us. But we can always find out blessings in every situation. I am thankful that I am alive. There are many people with the same disability whom I met earlier but they are no more now.


What is your plan for those who are in the same situation like you?
Since I love bicycle stunt. Now I have developed the skill of wheelchair stunt. In this disease, you need someone to take care of. Patients like me face one of the most discouraging problems that is Bladder and Bowel Dysfunction where we don’t feel anything whether we are urinating or defecating. Because our body parts below the waist are paralyzed. However, there are pieces of training which prepare people like us to take care of own self. After intense training, I can now manage myself.
Moreover, I enjoy my life. I am happy with my life. I go around, I feel life and I do stunt on my wheelchair. I want to train all such patients as I am trained to live life on their own and be happy.
I believe that I am enjoying life better than those who have no disease. I have met Akshay Kumar, Anushka Sharma and many prominent personalities.


How do you tackle with discouraging comments?
I do receive discouraging comments from some relatives and some other people surrounding me. But, we have to avoid them by ignoring their comments.
When I visit my family in my village people come at my home and say the discouraging statements such as “your life has finished” and “how will you survive?”.
I take these hurtful comments as their empathy towards me. It is their way of mourning.  


How do you feel when someone like you comes across you?
I like meeting people who are living with the same disease as I do. I meet them to encourage them for starting life afresh. This disease breaks patients’ life totally. Patients get discouraged and pray for death. But, I feel we have a different and unique life to survive. My way of thinking and living life make them feel good and pour some positivity in them.
“There is something good in every problem. We need to figure out and live with happiness while avoiding all negativities,” said Imran.