Recently Aashman Taneja from Hyderabad made the headline for becoming Guinness World Records Holder at the age of 5 in Taekwondo. While reading about Aashman’s family background, it is found that he is not the only one to make it for Guinness World Records but his sister Myra Taneja and his father Ashish Taneja too. 

Ashish has about 20 years of experience running one of India’s largest logistics companies. He is also one of the co-founders of Infinio Taekwondo World P. Ltd. which is established by Legendary Grandmaster M. Jayanth Reddy.  

Ashish is an active practitioner of Taekwondo and 5th Dan Black Belt holder and has achieved several Guinness World Records. While talking to a news publication, Monika Taneja, wife of Ashish said that their daughter Myra got inspired by him and started practising Taekwondo at an early. 

Initially, Myra started it as a self-defence activity but it turned out to be her passion afterwards. As a result, she won many awards and also made it to Guinness World Records, not once but thrice at the age of 9. 

She performed very well at the championship and won Gold Medal in Height Board Break and Team Poomsae, Silver Medal in Individual Poomsae and Bronze Medal in Sparring. Myra has also become a qualifying USA World Open Taekwondo Champion. 

“She joined taekwondo training at the age of 5, as a self-defence activity, but little did we know that she is going to excel at this sport and turn it into her passion,” said Monika, writes Oakridge International School website. 

M. Jayanth Reddy and Ashish Taneja presenting Reddy’s book. Buy the book HERE

Myra became an inspiration for her brother Aashman Taneja and he also started practising Taekwondo at an early age. Aashman is now a Guinness Book of World Records holder, USA World Open Taekwondo Silver medalist and a Yellow belt in Taekwondo. 

He holds Guinness Book of World Records for the most-full contact knee strikes in one-hour non-stop and successfully achieved more than 1200 knee strikes.

It seems that this achievement is not enough for Aashman. He is now planning to win a second Guinness Book of World Records. Moreover, he is practising hard for competing at International and Olympic level. 

Aashman is not just interested in Taekwondo but has won many medals for other sports too. You may read more about his achievements HERE

Myra and Aashman both were selected by the Grand Master M Jayanth Reddy for getting trained for 2 hours. Jayanth is 8th Dan black belt, 29 times Guinness World Record holder and 12 times US Presidential award holder. 

Both sister and brother have busy schedules not only on weekdays but weekends too. They study at Oakridge International School in Hyderabad and practice Taekwondo for two hours a day, four times a week. Sundays are about extra training. 


While Ashman is a sprinter, Myra plays basketball and swims. “These games increase mobility and flexibility which is necessary for Taekwondo,” told Myra to a news publication. 

Although being a father, Ashish plays an inspirational role for her children, but the mother Monika also plays a big role in the success of Myra and Aashman. 

“Getting your kids into athletics and giving the sport a long term commitment is fraught with hard work and sacrifices. Ashish is a logistics professional and I am a homemaker who is busy picking and dropping the kids. But we leave no stone unturned to give our children the right opportunities,” says Monika, according to a news publication. The family stays in Nizampet, Hyderabad and known as Taekwondo Taneja in the locality.