“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.”  Gautama Buddha

Have you ever imagined how negative thoughts can make you lose opportunities? It failed me to win a project competition.
It was the second year of my degree college when my two friends and I participated in a degree level presentation on a topic related to economics. We researched the topic intensively. We made wonderful power Point Presentation (PPT) and we practiced a lot. We even had many mock presentations amongst the team so that we can recognize mistakes and sort out them to avoid any mistake in the final presentation. We prepare ourselves so much that we were sure of winning the competition.
However, something echoed in my head that made my mind unrest for 30 minutes before the presentation. This eventually ruined my presentation and we failed to grab the first rank to win the competition. It was ‘negative thoughts’ that were echoing in my head before 30 minutes of the presentation.
Since, it was my first long duration presentation the negative thoughts such as, will I able to present the project perfectly? Am I looking impressive? Will I able to explain all the points clearly? Will the audience like my presentation? Were echoing in my head.
The effect of the negative thoughts was so dangerous that I did not able explain all the points better and we failed to win the presentation competition. Although, I was sure that I can do well because I had practiced a lot but all efforts to do well go in vain because of negative thoughts.
A study in the Journal of Clinical Psychology explains that people who worry 50 percent of the time or more to perform a task show a significant disruption in their ability as the difficulty of performing task increases.
The study further revealed that the cause of disruption was a result of increased levels of negative thoughts. When the brain is faced with complex tasks, negative thinking hurts your ability to process information and think clearly.
I am sure everyone has experienced this in some other ways. We can feel how detrimental the negative thoughts can be for our life.
However, there are many tricks through which we can evade negativity and make life more joyful and successful. 
Surround yourself with positivite

We need to understand that difficulties and challenges are the part and parcel of the life. It is just a matter how we deal with difficulties and challenges. We should surround our self with people who think positive. We should read motivational books and articles. We should watch motivational videos. All these actions replace negativity with positive.
The Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) went to visit a sick bedouin. Whenever the Prophet went to a patient, he used to say on thing: “Don’t worry, if Allah Wills, it will be expiation (for your sins).” The bedouin said: “You say expiation? No, it is but a fever that is boiling or harassing an old man and will lead him to his grave without his will.” The Prophet said, “Then, yes, it is so.” (Sahih Bukhari)
Think of your blessings and opportunities

One of the biggest mistakes we make that leads to negativity is we don’t count our blessings. It is the fact that if we have one problem there are many blessings and opportunities to solve the problem. Think of your blessings and opportunities and grab the opportunities to sort out the problems to evade negative thoughts.
Analyze problems for the solutions not to stress yourself

You cannot find a single person on this planet who does not have any problem in life. Moreover, we cannot evade inevitable problems. However, we have total authority to analyze the problems and figure out the solutions to eliminate problems instead. Don’t bewilder over the problems that ultimately lead you to negativity.
Let the situation go with ease

There are some problems which are out of our hands to solve. The times come in our life where the more we think and make efforts to solve the problem the more the complexity of the problem increases. One thing you can do in such situations is let the situation or problem go with ease. Such problems get resolved automatically with time and patience. 
What we have in our hands is make efforts and try, rest will be done. So, do what you can do and be positive about the result.