Before you proceed to read this article, with deep respect, I would like to ask you to close your eyes for 30 seconds and imagine that you are going to die tomorrow. What were the top three regrets you had? ‘ I wish I’d dared to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me’. According to a report, this is one of the top five regrets people have while they are about to die.

Unfortunately, the majority of people live the life they hate. There can be many reasons for the same. One of the reasons is that they don’t have support from the people who are close to them, such as parents, brothers, sisters or life partners. In the life of successful people, there is at least one very supportive person.

Recently, I stumbled upon a short video on YouTube that explains how a partner can support his or her life partner in the journey of success. The story goes something like this…    

A delivery girl came to a well-off family to deliver a food order. The woman of the house opens the door. She hands over the food packet. The delivery girl requested the woman to let her charge her cell phone for a few minutes as her phone battery is dead. The woman allowed her. Since it was raining heavily, the woman asked the delivery girl to wait until the rain gets slow. 

Out of curiosity, as the concept of delivery girl is rare, the woman of the house asked about why the girl started working as a delivery girl. The girl replied that she went to the food delivery office in search of a job for her husband and ended up joining the company herself.

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The delivery girl said she loves driving bike and meeting new people that is why she accepted the job offer. Initially, the girl’s husband was against her decision, but her husband gave in eventually. 

The delivery girl’s husband was the driver of a rich man. But he would not enjoy the work. He wanted to work on a computer but unfortunately doesn’t know how to operate a computer. That is where the girl plays a crucial role. She started working as a delivery girl and ask her husband to pursue some course to learn computer.   

The girl further added that after finishing class for the day, her husband looks after the house such as cooking, cleaning and laundering so that the girl can have some rest after a long day as a delivery girl. 

This short film titled ‘Delivery Girl’ on YouTube is created to send out a message that life partners can lead a life according to their purpose by breaking the stereotype. This film is just an example. There are many small ways a partner can help his or her partner to fulfil the purpose in life.  

The late great Jackie Robinson once wisely wrote, “It’s an old saying — but a true one — that behind every successful man there is usually a woman who deserves much credit for his success.”

It is right. A woman has the capability to assist enormously in her man’s success. However, men also need to learn how they can support their women to succeed in life.

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Here are some tips for men and women that can help each other achieve what they want in life, rather than ending life with regret. 

Manage house passionately

If you are a partner who is supposed to look after managing the house, such as cooking, laundering and cleaning then make sure you do it passionately. Because, when your partner comes home after a long day in the office clean house and delicious food make the mood better and give the mind a sense of relaxation. Unfortunately many think that managing a house is an insult and it makes them inferior. 


Stop nagging 

Everyone hates those who complain all the time. However, it is seen that partners nag each other a lot. This can be a hurdle for your partner in the way of fulfilling purpose in life. Nagging affects people mentally. If you have any problems with your partner then think about it first and then put your views and complaints constructively. Try to understand your partner’s point of view too. Solve problems with peaceful manner. Choose a better time and place to put your worries and complaints before your partner.


Know what it means to be stressful

People tend to work more to become more successful in life. More work comes along with more stress. You can’t avoid work stress. It happens in every profession. However, if you are not understanding your partner’s stress then it can cause damage to your partner’s journey towards success. Don’t react abnormally if sometimes your partner acts abnormally but unhurtful because of too much stress at work. Instead, try to reduce stress by doing something that your partner loves to do.   


Read about your partner’s profession 

You are a life partner of your partner. You should engage with your partner about his or her profession. If you know about the profession of your partner you can relate and understand when your partner is talking to you about his or her profession. Moreover, you can align your thinking and life accordingly which will ultimately help your partner achieve more success in life. 

Remember, your partner’s success is your success too. Be a partner in success, instead of ruining your partner’s life and become a partner in crime.