Fasting in Ramadan is full of infinite-rewards spiritually and un-spiritually. A little analysis of its benefits will tell us how we can develop our whole personality in this 30 days of Ramadan.

Stephen R. Covey in his famous book “The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People” talks about four areas of one’s personality that every individual has to work on in order to develop a better personality. Those are, physical, mental, social and spiritual. If any of these areas are ignored that means a personality is not fully developed yet to lead a good life.

Before we dive into the detail of how fasting in Ramadan helps us to improve our whole personality we should understand why we need to improve our personality in the first place.

As Quran says, “You are the best nation produced [as an example] for mankind….” [Quran, 3:110]. It means that we are capable of being the best. However, we cannot be fit into this verse of the Quran unless we do not improve our personality to be the best for the world.

Physical development
We fast for 16-17 hours every day for 30 days in  Ramadan. Some people feel that fasting weakens us physically. However, scientifically it is not. On the contrary, we get to strengthen ourselves physically.

In the study, published in the open access journal EMBO Molecular Medicine, the researchers found that during fasting GADD45 beta — protein, whose name stands for ‘Growth Arrest and DNA Damage-inducible’ – controls the absorption of fatty acids in the liver.

“The stress on the liver cells caused by fasting consequently appears to stimulate GADD45 beta production, which then adjusts the metabolism to the low food intake,” said Stephan Herzig, professor and Director of the Institute for Diabetes and Cancer (IDC) at the Helmholtz Zentrum München in Germany.

It also makes us stronger to fight against cancer, diabetes and weight loss too.

Mental development
When we are fasting in Ramadan we instinctively abstain from evil thoughts that affect our brain haphazardly. We also abstain from wasting time on unnecessary tasks such as watching videos and using social media.  We not only abstain from evil activities and thoughts but we tend to attract to better activities such as reading Quran, books and praying more.

All these good activities work as a nourishment to our brain. In result,  we unintentionally change the way we think, the way we talk and the way we tackle every situation in life.

Social development
We are not here in this world to live only own life but to be social and contribute to the society in some ways. However, contributing to the society cannot be possible without talking to people, putting our selves into underprivileged one’s shoes.

While fasting in Ramadan we realise how painful it is for those who can not afford food thrice a day. Apart from this we charity more and pay zakat in this month. These activities make us socially aware and urge us to contribute to the society.

Iftar parties play a vital role if practised properly. We can invite those who are underprivileged and who really are in need of such iftar parties. Do not disrespect and waste Ramadan by arranging huge iftar party for gossips and publicity.

Spiritual development
No doubt that fasting in Ramadan is full of infinite spiritual benefits. Ramadan brings us closer to our creator, Allah. We pray more, recite and understand Quran more, and repent more than ever in any other moths. All these activities make us stronger spiritually.

Being physically, mentally and socially developed cannot be rewarding unless we are not spiritually developed. In other way, without being spiritually stronger we cannot develop other three areas of personality development for a long time. It will be only for short period of time, rather only for 30 days. After Ramadan, the old life will begin again and this 30 days will go in vain. Which is the biggest loss of one’s life.

Spiritual development helps to sharpen our axe. You might have heard a story where a person (Let’s name him Akhtar) who had been working for a company where he would cut trees for five years but get no salary raise. On the other hand, one person (let’s name him Waseem) who started just one year ago got salary raised. When Akhtar approached Waseem to know the secret behind his success, Waseem replied that he sharpens his axe every time he finishes cutting a tree.

Similarly, developing spiritual through reciting and understanding Quran, pray more and ask for repent sharpen our spiritual and make us more developed as a whole for a better life.

You have been blessed with Ramadan since you born. But you could not achieve what you supposed to. However, this time don’t miss any chance to develop above four aspects of your life so that you become successful in this and hereafter life.