As we all know that nothing comes great with ease. If it comes with ease it is not great then. Great things require some dedication and strategies to acquire. 

Same applies to Muslims in the special month of Ramadan. Busy life keeps continuing in the Ramadan but the necessity to pray more, recite Quran more increase. 

The necessity for more prayers increases in this month because it is the month when the rewards and opportunities to be forgiven by Allah increase. The chances of acquiring Taqwa (control on oneself and lead life according to Islam) increases. 

But, how can one actually make more time for reciting Quran and performing prayers more while handling the busy schedule in professional life?  

As I said earlier that greatness comes with dedication and strategies. Here are some strategies that you can use with a dedication to gain huge reward in this auspicious month. 

Wake up little early for suhoor
The prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said, “Take suhoor, for in suhoor there is a blessing.” [An nasai].  Although it is ordained to Muslims to wake for suhoor (pre-dawn meal). However, some people fail to abide by the rule or some just wake up at the last minutes and eat in hustle and bustle. 

Instead, wake up at least 10 minutes before the meal. Make wudu (ablution) and pray two or more rakat (tahajjud) and ask for forgiveness and a better life. This is the time when chances of acceptance for prayers increases.

“Be vigilant in standing up [in prayer] at night, for it was the practice of the pious before you. It is a means of gaining proximity to Allah Ta’ala, expiation for transgressions and a barrier from sins.” [Tirmidhi]

After suhoor and Fajr prayer
After the pre-dawn meal, we have time before Fajr prayer time approaches. We can use this time for reciting and understanding Quran as much as we can. Do not sleep just after the meal. Take control of your life and sleep. Do not let them prevail on us. 

After Fajr prayer (early morning prayer) we can devote at least 30 minutes for reciting Quran. I know it is little difficult but it the best time you can recite Quran. The companions of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) would recite Quran and indulge in dhikr after the Fajr prayer. 

Before leaving home for office
Get some sleep after the recitation of Quran for 30 minutes after Fajr prayer. Wake up for office and don’t just get ready and leave for office. Keep extra 30 minutes and use it for two Rakat prayers and Quran recitation. 

Extra prayers get you closer to Allah. The more closer to Allah you are the more Taqwa you will gain. 

Use your office break time and commute time
We often do not take advantage of small time. We waste office break time thinking we can not do anything. However, if we count break time we will come to know how much time we let go unused in 30 days. 

Moreover, we can use commute time too. We spend at least one hour every day in commute. Do not let this huge hour go unused. Use them for reciting Quran or for dhikr of Allah. 

Even though it’s effortless, but it shows sincerity, mindfulness and desire to remain in connection with Allah. 

“A Tasbeehah in Ramadan is better than a thousand Tasbeehah in other than it.” [At Tirmidhi]

Duration after iftar and before Isha prayer
Now, you have approximately one and a half hour after iftar. You have to use it wisely. You can use this long hour for reciting and understanding Quran. 

Of course, you are exhausted because of the busy day and empty stomach. On top of that, you suddenly consume food and water (i.e Iftar) that makes you more sluggish. You can get some rest for about 30 minutes and remaining for reciting Quran.  

One of the biggest mistakes some Muslims make- they go out and waste time in shopping or friends get-together. Avoid this because Ramadan is the month when your even one second can get you biggest reward in your life. 

Sleep just after Isha and Taraweeh prayer to be able to wake for suhoor with little ease. 

If you use above strategies you will get to see that you are able to pray and recite Quran more even though you are busy with your profession. Use your every second wisely because the reward of fasting in this month is infinite. 

“(Allah said), ‘every good deed of Adam’s son is for him except fasting; it is for Me. and I shall reward (the fasting person) for it.’ Verily, the smell of the mouth of a fasting person is better to Allah than the smell of musk.” [Sahih Bukhari]