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Ramadan is all about becoming more pious and closer to Allah, which is absolutely not a dream that comes true instantly. It takes dedication and planning. Earlier we talked about some tips that can help in preparing for this Ramadan. In this, we are going to talk about some more tips.

It is Muslims tendency that they start reciting Quran and praying more in Ramadan to gain rewards. However, being obedient only in the month of Ramadan is not sufficient to gain enough rewards in the Ramadan. Muslims should start preparation bit earlier. Otherwise, you will end up spending much time while becoming accustomed to new habits like praying more and reciting Quran more in Ramadan.

Here are some tips that Muslims can start now
Avoid distraction: Muslims have to escape distraction to prepare themselves for a mission to be more pious and closer to Allah. Unfortunately, the causes of distractions are at your fingertips. Your cell phones have many apps including games and social media that disturb your concentration.
Ramadan will start in the next month. Uninstall all distractive apps so that you can concentrate on reciting Quran and praying more.  If you avoid these distractive apps from now you will boost your concentration while worshiping Allah in Ramadan. Do not make mistake to uninstall apps a day before Ramadan arrival.

Memorise Quran and Supplications: Since rewards of deeds lift up in Ramadan, Muslims should memorise supplications so that they can recite those supplications wherever they are while doing daily chores in Ramadan. Because of this, you will gain more rewards as you are reciting supplications throughout the day. Start memorising supplications now.
As far as memorising Quran is concerned, it should be done throughout the years. However, if you are not doing this, start now. It is the best time to memorise Quran. Pledge yourself that you will memorise certain numbers of chapters in the end of this Ramadan. This will make you more pious and you will gain more reward and blessings.
Pray Fajr and Isha in Mosque:  The Messenger of Allaah (Peace Be Upon Him) said, “Whoever prays ‘Isha’ (end of the day prayer) in congregation, it is as if he spent half the night in prayer, and whoever prays Fajr (early morning prayer) in congregation, it is as if he spent the whole night in prayer,” Saheeh Muslim (656).
Make a plan that from now onwards you will pray Fajr and Isha in congregation in mosque no matter what. Sleep little early and wake up for Fajr. One of the most important benefits of this habit is that you are receiving the reward of praying entire night while sleeping.