We blame others for the faults that either we or others have made in our lives. This blame game creates more problems in our lives, not anyone else’s. By blaming others we are making our lives miserable because we are responsible for whatever is happening in our lives. It is all about accepting the fault and stand responsible for the life ahead. Because life is what we make it.  

For instance, if a  person is failed in his exam the person will either blame from having tough papers, lack of time in the exam, to not able to grab enough time to prepare for the exam. In short, the person blames others for his/her fault. 

On the other hand, had the person been blamed him/ herself for the fault (i.e being failed in the exam) then he/she would have been figured out where he/she did wrong that caused him/her the failure in the exam. The fault could be either lack of planning and execution, unable to gather resources for the exam, or unable to manage enough time to prepare him/herself for the exam to succeed. After knowing the fault the person could avoid the fault i.e. to become responsible next time and succeed.  

For knowing the faults of our own and becoming responsible for our lives we have to hold the reins of our lives to lead it in a better way. We should not allow the circumstances prevail over our lives and make us miserable. It means whatever happens to us we have to recognise the faults and then look for the solutions (i.e being responsible) in order to achieve what we want. 

Sometimes it may be a natural fault. Since we are responsible for everything in our lives we have to learn the fault and avoid it in future. Instead of making life miserable in the blame game. 

It has been more than five years now that I am interacting many people to know about their life-stories and write about them. I had a chance to interact one person who is a paraplegic. Instead, he is after his mission. 

He was 23-year-old when he underwent prolonged surgery and diagnosed with paraplegia. Before the incident, he wanted to become karate champion and wanted to inspire youth by achieving better in life. He also wanted to become a life coach and change the condition of Muslim youth.  

However, his mission was not at all affected by this major tragedy. Since he could not pursue karate he pursued swimming and now he has made World Record Academy and Limca Book of World Records. He has been inspiring youth since then.  His name is Shams Alam, from Mumbai, who is now 31-year-old.  

Shams accepted his problem/ fault of being paraplegic and start doing something else that made his dream successful. 

Here is another story from the renowned girl Malala Yousafzai. Despite extreme rules imposed by Taliban in her valley in Pakistan she would go to school regularly and would write articles and started speaking against extremism of Taliban there. She did not want right to education for girls snatched by Taliban

One day, she was shot by Taliban while she was on her way to school. She was 14-15 when the incident took place. Fortunately, she survived. 

However, her mission to restore the right to education of girls was not ended. She went on against Taliban. Now she is a Nobel laureate for her act of restoring the right to education for girls and best selling author too. 

Shams Alam would not have been so successful if he failed to understand the fault and did not accept his responsibility to make his life better. Malala Yousafzai would not become so popular and managed to restore the right to education for girls in her valley if she would have given up on the extremism of Taliban and did not accept her responsibility.

Although tragedies of both Shams and Malala’s lives were not by them but natural, they understand it and move on in their lives for achieving what they want.  

To be successful and achieve goals in life we need to understand the faults in our lives and accept the responsibility to sort it out.  Of course, we can not stop the problems and tragedies in our lives. However, we can always think of ways to fulfill our responsibility while prevailing over negativities. 

Next time, if something bad happens to you. Wait for a moment. Recognise the fault and accept your responsibility towards making the situation better.