‘I want to be my own boss’. ‘9-5 job sucks’. ‘I want to follow my passion’. ‘I want to start my own business’. Majority of people love to say and hear these phrases. However, very few manage to muster enough guts to embark on a journey to achieve what they want. Satish Ashok Choudhary from Mumbai’s Govandi is from that very few people who despite the financial and time constraints managed to start his e-commerce business and making it a success.

Satish, 26-year-old did his bachelors in commerce and joined a small e-commerce firm to gain some professional experience. While working in the firm he came to know that he loves how e-commerce business works. He started reading more on the business through online and books. While he was learning, he never thought he would start an e-commerce business. He then moved to Accenture company for salary increment.

“I was doing good but I was not happy. Because we have no freedom to use our creativity in the corporate world. We are not paid enough as compared to the amount of work we do,” said Satish. He further said that he always wanted to create jobs for others.

While working in Accenture, he realised that he has gained enough knowledge about e-commerce business. In the journey of gaining knowledge, he also gained enough confidence that he could use the e-commerce world to build a successful business through which he can generate jobs for others and also earn more money.

In 2016, Satish took a place on lease to open a store where he could store some products and work on his business. Initially, he started with beauty products. He opened a store on Amazon called Kaas Enterprise and started listing products. In a few days, he was receiving orders.

Satish Ashok Choudhary

“I had no money to do all this. However, one of my friends Pawan Deviprasad Singh’s father lent me some money for rent of the shop and buying some products,” said Satish in gratitude. His father is an electrician who has no regular income. His mother teaches tuition to children to support the family financially. Pawan is a sleeping partner of Satish’s business.

For the initial few months, all the earnings would be invested back to the business. Since Satish’s family was not well to do he didn’t stop his full-time job. “I resigned from my job when I saw that I am earning enough to support my family from my business. Moreover, I also realised that I had to spend more time on the business to grow it further,” added Satish.

The time when Satish was working full time as well as working on his business was very challenging. The time is also a lesson for all those who think that it is impossible to follow a passion or start a business while working full time.

Satish would leave the office and then go to his own office to work on his business and then go home for having a meal and sleep. On weekends, when others would waste time watching favourite shows and surfing social media, Satish would spend more time on his e-commerce business.

“The time was tough. I was sacrificing my sleep and food at times. But, I knew that all this struggle will pay off someday,” said Satish.

His three friends Pawan Deviprasad Singh, Tushar Krishna Chaudhary and Rohan Salunkhe also helped him in whatever way they can help such as making sure that products are available in the store and orders are reaching on time to the customers.

Now, Satish has nine people who are working with him in his e-commerce business, Kaas Enterprise. His yearly turnover is more than Rs. 8 lakhs. “Now, I work full-fledged on my business and I am earning more than what I could earn while working for someone else,” confirmed Satish. He further added that he also managed to repay 50% of the money Pawan’s father had lent him for the business.

While having a conversation with him, he wanted to give some advice to those who want to start an e-commerce business or who are into it but struggling to grow. He said people should learn the technicalities of how e-commerce works such as how to set pricing, delivery charges and servicing charges if the online store is on the third party’s website such as Amazon and Flipkart.

He also suggested that promotion is very important. Let people know that you are selling something online.

Satish also suggested that if you have any plan in life then execute it as soon as possible, “the sooner you challenge your situation the sooner you will achieve what you want in life,” added Satish.