There is the least number of people who do not want to be successful in life. Well, if you are reading this then it is quite obvious that you want to become a successful person or you already have achieved some kind of success and craving for more. But how do successful people achieve so much in life? How they are rich financially, physically and mentally? Well, there is a secret to it: They are experts in their respective fields.

“Robin, be so knowledgeable, competent and brilliant at what you do that this firm cannot run without you. Become indispensable.” That is what a great lawyer replied to Robin Sharma when he was a lawyer and asked a top lawyer the essential thing to do to ensure a successful and sustainable career.

I am absolutely agreed with this answer. If you really want to do excel in your profession then you have to be so knowledgeable, competent and brilliant in your profession. In short, become an expert in your profession.

Let me share with you an inspiring story before we go ahead to unveil how to improve skills and become expert in any field.

Sachin Tendulkar is widely known as one of the world’s greatest cricketers. Renowned for his incredible batting skills and his affection for record-breaking one-day scoring.

Wait, do not just see his fame and luxurious life only. See what he has invested in his life before reaching where is now. He spent hours and hours becoming an expert at cricket. Especially at batting.

In the first hand, Sachin would see schoolwork as a nuisance and academics as a waste of time. On the other hand, he immediately took an interest in cricket. He practised endlessly as a batsman, both on his own and with his friends. Fortunately, his skills caught the attention of a well-known local cricket coach in Mumbai called Ramakant Achrekar.

Through the coach Ramakant, he finally found a group of players that had the drive and ability to challenge him and help him improve his skills further. Sachin devoted his school days attending lectures and then practising cricket after school.

Sachin was not from a rich and high family. Still, he did exemplary. That is how every individual can achieve mastery for success in life.

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Now, you are so motivated that you want to jump out of your couch and start working hard. But wait for a while. Before you start working hard you need to follow below three steps to actually put in your effort in the right direction.


Find your calling
Believe it or not, you can not achieve desired goals if you are not doing what you love to do. Because success needs hard work and dedication. You cannot do hard work and be dedicated if you are not doing what you love to do. It is better to find what you love to do before you go ahead in the way of your success.

Sachin Tendulkar found his calling. He loved playing cricket that is why he was hardworking and dedicated. If you are confused then do one thing. Build a small dream. For instance, you want to be a writer then write at least one hour for 30 days consistently. If you love writing one hour for 30 days then choose it as your passion and career.


Find a mentor and become apprentice
Find a mentor and learn everything from the mentor. For instance, if you want to become a writer then find out the great writers who can teach you to be a great writer. You might be thinking about where you will find a great writer. It is expensive or almost impossible to do so.

Don’t worry, you have other inexpensive sources to learn from great mentors. Read books on great writers. It can be written by them or any other person. Just pick up every book and read. You will get to know their life experiences and lessons which will help you to become a great writer.

This is the reason successful people such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and Warren Buffett are great readers. They read books a lot. Because they know books are great sources of mentors.

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10000 hours rule
You found your calling and you found your mentors and start learning. The journey towards success does not end here. Success is not so cheap. You need to take action. The action that makes you an expert in your field. As I said earlier success needs hard work and dedication.

You have to follow 10000 hours rule. Which means you have to practice at least 10000 hours to be successful in your desired field. For instance, you want to be a great writer then you have to practice writing and crafting your skills in writing for at least 10000 hours. Athletes are great at practice. They practice hours and hours and then they achieve what they want.

Only dreaming of success does not get you success. You have to get up and take action. Follow the above steps and you will be amazed by the changes in your life.