Earlier this month, I published an article on the condition of government schools in Uttar Pradesh’s Sultanpur district. The article talks about how state government and teachers are playing with the life of students by providing the worst quality of education and infrastructure. However, a government school in a village called Kurwar in Sultanpur is emerging as an example to all the government school in the district.       

The teachers of the school have been conducting a three-day workshop for years. Students during the workshop indulge in many activities such as making science projects, paintings, cooking, home decorative materials, fashion designing and much more. This year, students concluded the workshop on 15 February. 

One of the most praiseworthy science projects made by two students was a missile. The missile was made out of plastic bottles, plastic pipes and papers. The missile was made by Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Khan, students of class 8. They also wrote ISRO on the missile. 

The students told that the missile will be launched on 26 February this year, on the day of the exhibition that will be held in the school only. “We have made the missile in such a way that when we pump up the pipe attached to the missile, the missile will fly and can cross the school boundary,” told Shah Rukh with excitement. 

Asif Khan, a student of class 8 gave information about various geometric shapes through geometric boards. The children of class 6, Farhan and Mokim, demonstrated a new and unique method of multiplication. Mohammad Zaid Khan, a student of class 7 gave information about the circle and its various parts. 

Girls students indulged in embroidery, paintings and making home decoration materials. Maiser Jahan, Asifa and Jyoti, explained how they did embroidery on lehenga, Kurti, and dupatta. They also showed their glass paintings. 

Students showing the paintings and home decor material made by them.

The students also held a presentation to talk about what they have learnt throughout the worshop. The presentation was done through puppetry under the banner called Meena Manch.

One thing surprised me when I asked students to explain how they made all the stuff- They gave their introduction in English that too with confident. Efforts of the teachers should be appreciated because students of other government schools in the Sultanpur district fail to even read one para of an English textbook.  

The school organises the three-day workshop every year to uncover the talents of students and enhance their confidence. “Workshop was organized with the objective that the students can get to know their talents and pursue them in future,” told Vimlesh Pandey, in-charge headmaster. 

Arsala Masood who is a science teacher in the school, whose participation was huge in the workshop told that the workshop was organized by the resources available in the school and some finance from the additional budget of the teachers.  

Block Education Officer Akhilesh Verma congratulated the children for students’ bright future. Nizam Khan, president of the Uttar Pradesh Primary Teachers Association Block Kurwar praised the teachers and said, “teachers are doing great in the school for the development of the school.”  


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