It was 2018 when Shubham Gaur (now 26-year-old) took his passion for football very seriously and left his decent paying job to represent his state Uttarakhand in Santosh Trophy Senior Nationals organise by All India Football Federation (AIFF). Guess what? He made it in 2019 just after one year. That is why it said that if you are determined towards your goal, you can achieve it whether it seems impossible to you and others.

Shubham’s life was as usual as the majority of us. However, there was some kind of attraction to playing football since he was in school. He reminiscent a moment in school when his school teacher marked X on a wall and said whoever manages to hit the X mark with football will be selected to play football which was going to be held in school. Shubham did it and played the upcoming football game. Since then he would play here and there.

His interest in football grew up and he started to practice football while deprioritising his studies. However, he did well in his 10th and 12th board exams. “When my father (Rajesh Guar) noticed that I am not good in Maths my father admitted me in coaching where the teacher forced me to study so hard that I scored 80% in 10th,” said Shubham.

He was so passionate about playing football that he would go out asking for one or two hours and end up spending more hours playing football with his friends. One day when he returned home with dirt coated football dress his father was alone at home. His father was furious to know that he spent so much time playing football instead of study. His father was much concerned about his secure career.


Supportive family

The freedom to play football came to him when he cleared his 12th with commerce stream and grabbed a job in Tata Consultancy Service (TCS).

Shubham would work Monday to Friday and play football on Saturdays and Sundays. His father uplifted his restriction for him to play football because he was happy that Shubham is doing something with his life. His father was uncertain about Shubham’s secure career out of passion for football.

His father wanted him to become a Chartered Accountant (CA) for a secure career. However, destiny has something else for Shubham. He did not manage to do well in CA exam.

Shubham continued playing football while working full time and preparing for CA. “I would sometimes not sleep for two nights so that I had enough time to play football,” revealed Shubham. He further added that if you are passionate about something you don’t feel lazy or tired even if you sacrifice your sleep.

Shubham believes that the restrictions from his father were out of concern for his secure career. Everyone in his family was supportive of his passion. “My brothers, cousins always helped me in my tough times. Especially, my sister Sonali Bhatt and Kashish Gaur who always motivated me to play football,” said Shubham.


A big decision

Shubham had played for three senior futsal nationals but he wanted to play in Santosh Trophy Senior Nationals and wants to represent his state, Uttarakhand. He reached that level. He took a leave from his office (then he was working for Aon Hewitt) to prepare for AIFF. However, his name did not show in the final round to play. That is when he got stubborn and promised himself that he will represent his state next time. He resigned from the company and started to prepare for AIFF for the next year.

His sacrifices of least important things for most important (i.e. football) paid off when his name was announced for AIFF which was held in Jammu And Kashmir in Feb 2019. He has won so many trophies that a corner of his home is filled with trophies. Now he has dedicated his life for football.

                           (Shubham with his trophies)

It is evident that football players are not paid apart from few expenses until they don’t play for AIFF, national level. That is why Shubham with his friend Chanpreet Singh Bhaui run two football coaching centres called Immortal Sports Academy. “We started with few students and one year down the line we have now 45 students in Navi Mumbai,” They are planning to expand the classes across Mumbai.

Shubham is not earning as much as he was earning while he was working for the company mentioned above but he is happy because he is doing what he loves and passionate about. Moreover, he believes that money will flow gradually and he could earn more than he was earning earlier. “While I was working in the company my health was deteriorating. I was performing well but there was something missing,” Shubham.

                (Immortal Sports Academy Students)


Shubham’s story is evidence that if you are dedicated towards your passion you will achieve a lot and find ways to pay your bills.

That is why I want you to pursue your passion. I know it’s a little tough. But, you are not alone in this success journey. I am here to help you out. You just need the right guidance and direction.

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