Many budding writers want to become a full-fledged blogger. They make a plan to achieve the aim but, only a few of them actually become a successful blogger. There can be many reasons but one reason contributes a lot to this failure is they can not avoid ‘procrastination’.

Procrastination is nothing but a continuous delay in doing something until we reach the last minute. That is what ruins everything from our plan to our lives. Behavioural psychology research unveiled that a phenomenon called “time inconsistency,” which helps explain why procrastination seems to pull us in despite our attractive and better intention of our plan.

‘Time inconsistency’ refers to the tendency of the human brain to value immediate rewards more highly than future rewards.

For instance, if you plan on learning a language and you have a strong motivation for learning the language. However, you don’t see any immediate reward and you feel like you are not learning and then you procrastinate. No matter how much time you have, if you lose motivation you lose consistency that results in procrastination.

Unfortunately, procrastination has the biggest role in making people failure. Here are some tips that can help us tackle with procrastination to achieve whatever we want in our lives.

Plan your goal
Not having a specific and well-defined goal causes procrastination. Make sure you have a clear goal. For instance, if you want to be a blogger, define what type of blogger do you want to become, why you want to be a blogger and where do you see yourself in the field. Plan your journey to achieve your goal.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Plan your time
Having goal will not make us achieve it unless we give yourself a deadline. Put some deadline into your plan to make sure you work hard and consistently to achieve your goal before the deadline approaches. Deadline also ensures that we are not wasting our time in unnecessary work.


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Plan your resources
Think about how many times you procrastinated to get a work done just because you did not have sufficient resources. Insufficient resources make us feel demotivated and that leads to procrastination. Look for the resources you need in order to achieve your goal and grab them before you dive into the execution of your plan.

Plan the process
You not only have to plan your goal but you actually have to plan the process to have a clear picture in front of you. Don’t be lost in the way of achieving your goal. Jot down what you have to do every step to make your journey easy.

Plan for distraction
Distraction- that smashes your productivity. You are writing an article for your blog post and suddenly you heard a buzz on your cell phone. You pick up your phone and then the stipulated time for writing the article is affected, rather delayed for next time. To avoid this try to put all the notifications off to focus on your work.

Plan for failure
Of course! Failure is the part of your success journey. However, don’t let it become your boss and prevail over you. Instead, plan how you can change failure into success. Don’t let it become a reason to procrastinate and give up.

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right,” Napoleon Hill