Ashwani Parashar who is a medical student from Sawai Man Singh Medical College, Jaipur, was unaware that his Diwali celebration in Rajghat, a village in Jaipur, will someday be transformed by him. Now, not only basic facility is provided to the villagers but the mindset of the villagers has been changed. This change was only managed to take place by his will of doing something for the society.

Two years ago, the village where 350 people reside was having no electricity, no drinking water facility, substandard school and adults were fell prey to drugs. The life of the villagers were going nowhere. While talking to Ashwani, he told that “the villagers had one or two hand pumps that would give no drinking water. People had to walk 500 meters to fetch water from Chambal River. The river is extremely polluted and there is a risk of being attacked by crocodiles.”

While managing water villagers would suffer a lot. Once upon a time, a crocodile gulped one of the villagers when he went to fetch water. “His wife has been mourning his death since then as she lost her husband and did not get his body for funeral rituals,” told Ashwani. He further added that many people get injured while going for water as they had to walk on stony and potholed roads.


A villager witnessing electricity first time in the village

Since lack of electricity is not the problem of one village in India but almost every village, this village was also facing the issue. Two of the most serious issues of the villagers were drugs addiction and sub-standard school. Ashwani told that there is only one government school in the village which have only one room and one teacher for first to fifth standards.
“Almost every adult was drug addicts. That was making their lives apathetic. The villagers did not have any knowledge and had no will to improve their lifestyle. They would say they can not change their lives. Everybody would be waiting for the death to come,” added Ashwani.
The village was facing all these issues but, Ashwani was oblivion of the issues until he and his few friends decided to celebrate with and donate sweets and cloth to the villagers under the theme Sarthak Diwali out of social service. “We went to the village thinking of celebration and sharing sweets. I noticed that the villagers were snatching sweets and clothes while it was distributed. This made my mind unrest,” added Ashwani.
Ashwani started to question people of the village and neighbouring villagers to know the reason behind this bizarre behaviour of Rajghat villagers. When he got to know all the issues stated above he struggled to solve the issues by contacting officials and local politicians but go in vain. “I wrote a letter to current prime minister Narendra Modi about the issues too. My letter to PM did very little. Officials and local politicians did few rounds and meetings in the village. I thought now the village will change. However, nothing happened at all after rounds and meetings,” added Ashwani.

Chambal River

The reactions of officials and politicians made the decision of changing the village more stronger for Ashwani. He started to seek help from various people in terms of funds and whatever help people can do. Finally, he managed to provide water purifier, electricity, some public toilets through crowdfunding. He started the campaign called Save Rajghat (i.e #SaveRajghat) on social media.
Children education and drugs addiction

Since men of the villagers were drug addicts they would not care of their children education. additionally, the village had most substandard school. To make men of the villagers quit drugs and send children school, Ashwani abandon them from electricity. In result, many parents start sending their children school in neighbouring villages. Furthermore, only a few of them are drug addicts now.

“Earlier only three boys would go to school in neighbouring villages. Now almost boys and girls is schooling,” said Ashwani.  

View of the village

Parents would not give their daughters to Rajghat village in marriage

Because of all these problems in the village, no neighbouring and other villagers would give their girls to Rajghat villagers in marriage. But because of Ashwani, many issues got solved. Even, drug addiction also reduced to nothing and this transformation made other villagers very confident.
After years of the village existence, this month one girl is coming to the village in marriage. “I feel that this is my biggest achievement so far. I am satisfied. Men of the villagers would remain unmarried because of the problems. But now things are changing a lot,” added Ashwin.  

While doing all these transformations Ashwani did not receive any help from officials and politicians. Since he was doing against them he would receive threats and get sacred sometime. However, now many are with him so he does not pay any heed to the threats. “I would get sacred sometime as I was doing all these things single-handedly. Now all the villagers are with me so I don’t scare at all,” added Ashwani.