What does success mean to you? If it is money then you are wrong. If it is fame then you are wrong. If it is better relationships then you are wrong. If it is achievements then you are wrong. Actually, success is the combination of money, fame, better relationship and achievements that make you happy at the end of the day.

I have been reading self-help books that talk about how we can improve life, to lead an effective and successful life. Unfortunately, I did not pay heed to the meaning of success earlier, because, for me, success and luxurious life were the two sides of the same coin. I am sure you also had the same picture as I did about success. However, the actual definition of success actually proved me wrong. It may prove you wrong too.

While digging more to know the correct definition of success I came to know that there are many who are rich but craving for happiness. They are actually miserable at their life. Then I thought this cannot be the success. I dug up more into it and found that success is actually happiness. Your ultimate goal of life should be happiness.

“Too many people measure how successful they are by how much money they make or the people that they associate with,” Richard Branson wrote on LinkedIn. “In my opinion, true success should be measured by how happy you are,” He added further.

If you negate ‘happiness’ as the metric of success by making a point that happiness does not come without money. I would not say you are not making a fair point. However, only money does not make you happy. There are many factors that make you happy. Such as following a passion, having control on your life, striving to achieve own goals, better relationships and fame.

Money will eventually come to you if you are taking care of all the other factors. On the other hand, if your metric to success is just money then you will regret afterwards for not running after other factors.

Geoffrey James talks about his definition of success in an article on Inc.com; and how he took a leap in his professional life for happiness. Instead of running after huge money, he writes- to him success is Happiness. While explaining why he thinks so, he writes, “First, there’s no point to being rich if you’re not enjoying yourself. Second, you’re more likely to get rich if you’re happy doing whatever you’re doing.”

He further writes, “Being unhappy, of course, can definitely spur people to action. However, the action should be pointed at trying to become happier–not trying to become richer, in the rather naive belief that being rich, in and of itself, will make you happy.”



He went on making his point more acceptable by saying that he believes that it’s easier to get rich if you start from a place of being happy–with what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

Let’s get into his professional life a little to know why he feels the definition of success should be ‘Happiness’.

Before coming into the writing profession he was in the marketing field as a marketing executive for six years. He was making huge money with lots of perks. He explained his perks, “And when I say perks, I mean perks like two weeks in Munich and Paris doing “market research.”

However, while he was successful by most people’s definition of success, he wasn’t happy what he was doing. “Because there was always a voice inside me saying that I was born to be a writer, not a marketing parasite.”

He jumped into writing full time while making almost no money. However, he was happy, “Even so, I was far happier doing what I knew I was supposed to be doing rather than pursuing a career that to many people would define ‘success.’”

He somewhat unveiled his income by writing on Inc.com that he makes more money than he made back then (even adjusted for inflation). Moreover, he works about half the hours. “I’m 100% convinced that this is because I defined success as being happy rather than being rich,” writes Geoffrey James.

I am more than 100% agreed to James. If you are still not agreed to James, you should dig into the lives of highly effective and successful people. They are both happy and rich. Because, they do what they like and the money simply flows into their hands.

People have a misconception that passion does not attract money. This is absolutely wrong. Apart from James’s story that is explained above there are thousands of stories out there.

The problem is that the majority of us who claim that passion cannot be monetized do not follow their passion as much as it needs to be. People work more than 10 hours for others as employees, however, when it comes to following passion they do not want to spend even 5 hours a day with consistency.

Money gravitates not to those who like what they do, but it gravitates to those who are excellent at what they do. And to be excellent at what you do, passion must necessarily be coupled with consistency

I have dedicated a chapter on finding passion in this book. Once you find your passion you will have to work hard to make your passion a successful profession.  However, people have made the path to success hard-to-walk than it supposed to be. That is why I have combined many chapters that you can read as a daily dose of ideas and motivation that will make your journey towards success as easy as it is. In result, you will beat mediocrity and achieve high.