It is been more than a month now that I am waking up at 5:30 in the morning. Now it seems that I do not have to push myself hard to wake up early. That is the reason I want to share my personal experiences and tips that can also help you wake up early in the morning.

If you are wondering why should we wake up so early in the morning then I would like to tell you that I would also think the same way but my thought changed after reading the book authored by Robin Sharma titled ‘The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning, Elevate Your Life’. Although I had read a lot about blessings of waking up early this book impacted my mindset and habits. Read the review of the book HERE.

Before I should talk about how to wake up early I would like to share how waking up early help me improve my life day by day.


What I Do After I Wake Up At 5:30 Am

Reading books consistently
Since I like reading books but I would not find time to read on a consistent basis. I would always regret myself for the same. However, by waking up early I can now read one book in 10 days because I devote 60 minutes reading books. I do it every morning without breaking the consistency.

As soon as I wake up I freshen up myself and make coffee/ tea and then read while sipping coffee/ tea.


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I manage to do personal projects
After reading a book for an hour I open my laptop and work on my blog articles or upcoming books that I am writing. I write and research for an hour. What can be a better time than early morning where I am away from all the distractions and deadlines. You can also do your personal projects early in the morning. Waking up early in the morning, I am able to achieve my targets with regards to my personal projects.


Planning my day
I always try to avoid being jumbled in my entire day and early morning came to my rescue. I can actually plan my day so that I do not have to think about what to do next in my entire day. This helps me to find the more free time that I use for my family and friends. I also use my free time watching my favorite shows. Doing all the tasks with peace of mind and having enough rest and enjoyable time make us more productive and jazz up life.


Visualize my goals 
Do you know why most of your goals go unachieved in your life? It is because you do not write them on the paper and visualize them every day. I have also failed to achieve many goals so far in my life and now I do not want to repeat the same that is why I visualize and read my goals every single morning. Doing this also helps me to generate new ideas that can help me to achieve my goals faster.


The exercise was a big no-no for me. Because I didn’t have time. However, as we all know that exercise is important to be fit and fabulous. That is why I jog for at least 30 minutes in the morning. This also helps me to be active and energized in my entire day.

Daily jogging sessions improve cardiovascular fitness; they can also, ward off sickness and improve your mental state.


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Benefits Of Waking Up Early

A sense of achievements: Till 9 in the morning I am done with reading books, working on my personal projects, planning and visualizing goals, and exercise. Because of this, it gives me a sense of achievements which is a big encouragement to achieve more in life.

Productive and punctual: You become more productive and punctual for other works in your day because you already have planned your day. Moreover, you are ready to conquer your day when generally people are waking up and rushing to the bathroom for getting ready for office or meetings.

More confident: Since I am achieved so much early in the morning I feel more confident in my other works. In result, I end up doing things with little extraordinary way.


How to wake up early

Take a walk after dinner
When you are a little tired you fall asleep easily. So why not go for a 15 minutes walk after dinner. This walk will help you forget all the pressure and tension which help to calm the mind. The nature in the late evening has something refreshing that makes people calm and feel happy. I walk for 15 minutes and find myself slept in the next 20 minutes. It is also better for your health. Researchers have found that going for a short walk of 10-15 minutes after meals benefit the digestion process and helps in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.


Do not use electronics before an hour of sleep
Never ever use cell phones and laptops prior to one hour of sleep. Because the blue lights that emit from cell phones and laptops keep you awake and it disrupts your sleep. Moreover, if you don’t keep them aside they will make you engaged entire night which will destroy your sleeping schedule. I do not want back this point with any research because I know everybody faces this every night. You use cellphone permitting own-self for five minutes and end up using it for an hour.


Do not place your alarm beside you 
You hear the alarm. Press the snooze button for that 10 minutes of more sleep and end up sleeping for more than one hour. So it is better to keep your alarm so far that you need to get up and switch it off. Do it tonight and you will be amazed that this one trick can help you wake up early every single morning.



Give yourself enough sleep 
It is scientifically proved that we need 6-8 hours of sleep. If you don’t sleep for that duration it can destroy your productivity and make you feel lazy and drowsy in your entire day. So, if you need 6 hours sleep then make sure that you are going to bed so early that you are getting 6 hours of sleep. I am always on the bed at 11 or 11:15 pm because I know if I delay in going to bed my morning routines will be disrupted.


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Read books or magazine
Instead of watching Netflix and play the latest game on your Android phone read books. It will help you to gain more knowledge, improve your language and what’s more? It will help you to fall asleep sooner. I read an article from a recent magazine. By the time I finish reading an article I am drowsy.


Feel the pleasure of waking up early 
Have you ever thought that why you feel so hard to wake up early in the morning? It is because you take it as a tough task, something that is forced on you. You do wake up early without pushing yourself when you have a college trip or something that interests you scheduled in the morning. Why? Because you are excited. So make waking-up-early routine exciting for you.

Read books, articles and watch videos that talk about the benefits of waking early morning. Just feel that you are conquering your day when you are waking up early.


Schedule most likable task just after you wake up
If articles and videos do not excite you then find out what you like most. What is that one thing that can wake you up as early as you want? And schedule it for early morning. For me, it is read reading books and working on my blog and next books.


Reward yourself for waking up early
When you get rewarded you feel happy and do more of it. So why not reward yourself for waking up early and achieving something that you could not when you would not wake up early. Treat yourself with a big pizza or trip to somewhere that you like at the end of the week, on weekends.


Go to sleep with a happy mind 
If you are not happy you will not get peaceful and deep sleep. Although, walking after dinner and reading books for a few minutes can make your mind peaceful. However, if it does not make you calm and peaceful then find out what is distracting you and solve it. You can also pray for some time to make yourself calmed.

I would suggest you follow at least three of the above tips for a week and see the changes in your days. Share your experiences if you already follow your own tips to wake up early. If you can’t wake up early then follow some of the above tips and let me know what works for you.

“Wake up early every day so that while others are dreaming, you can make your dreams come true.” Hal Elrod


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