I am going to give you two options: Work hard now and take retirement when you are old; OR take mini-retirements in your entire life while working. Which one will you choose? I believe the later one. Because nobody wants to wait until the age of 60 to enjoy life. Who knows you will be alive at the time of retirement, sigh. However, the majority of you wait because you don’t choose the later one scaring bankruptcy and poverty in life. Tim Ferriss in his book ‘The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, & Join The New Rich’ explains how you can enjoy your life taking mini-retirements and working simultaneously.

When I was in my journalism college a professor who works in India’s leading newspaper suggested us to travel to different places, get to know different cultures and meet different people. Telling us it will improve creativity and knowledge. “Companies don’t give leave for doing all these stuff and you are asking us to travel the world,” a student whispered when the professor suggested. The professor couldn’t listen to this but I did because I was sitting in front of the student.

The student was right. Because companies don’t want their employees to have so much freedom. They want their employees to work round the clock without thinking of the consequences. I am not saying all the companies are the same. However, companies that care about their employees and give some freedom are rare. I think that is the reason such rare companies are renowned and successful.

It is true that it is a privilege to get a job in such great companies. What if you are not so privileged to get mini-retirements while working? Don’t worry, there is always an option- You can make your own path where you are working while enjoying many mini-retirements.

Let’s discuss the ways Tim Ferriss explains in the book 4-Hour Work Week so that you can also follow them and live the life of New Rich.



If you are an employee then you will have to first make a good relationship with your boss by showing productivity and achievements. Once you win the heart of your boss make a proposal to work remotely and assure your boss that you will deliver more than what you deliver while working in the office. Propose the idea as a test.

Work two days remotely in a week and make a performance sheet. Meet your boss at the end of the week and explain to him how your performance boosted. If your boss is happy then take permission to work remotely more often. Once you win the heart of your boss you can work from wherever you want.

The advantage of working remotely is that you save much time from unnecessary meetings and other tasks that waste time and reduce productivity but don’t give anything in return. You save more free time to visit some new places and enjoy nature.

There are many tasks that require you to be in office. For this Tim explained many doable tips and tricks that you can use to avoid visiting the office more often.


What if your boss refuses to accept your proposal?
You have to choose one from the two: either keep doing what you have been doing and wait for retirement OR make your own path by leaving your job and working on your business ideas that you have been thinking of but couldn’t. The choice is yours.

I am not saying it is easy to leave the job and start a new venture but you have to reconsider whether you want to live your life or someone else’s.

“Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you” John C. Maxwell


The dark side of entrepreneurs 
When you try hard to become a successful entrepreneur your habit does not change. You behave like you are still an employee. You start working from 10 in the morning and work like a hell until late night thinking it is making you a successful entrepreneur and have huge money. In this journey, you fail to understand that life is just not about work and huge money. It is also about having a good time with family and friends. Having the freedom to learn something new. Experience something unique. That is what Tim explained in his book The 4-Hour Work Week.

He writes, “What on earth will you do with excess money you earn from working round the clock?” Which is a quite considerable question. Imagine you are working round the clock to earn huge money but fail to take advantage of it. On the other hand, some work to fulfil the necessities and then save time to enjoy and experience new things and places with beloved ones. Which one do you think is going to bring happiness in life?



Automation, delegation and eliminate
However, to live a life that is full of freedom you have to Automate many things while eliminating yourself from the process and things that are not required to do. You can hire a person or agency who can act like you when you are not in the office and enjoying the beaches. For this Tim also explained how we can you use the Pareto principle and Parkinson’s law to get more done in less time and effort to save more time to learn and experience something amazing. By doing this you are liberating yourself and living the life you want to live.

The main purpose of writing this book I believe is to escape the office and live the life of freedom while making sure that somebody else is doing the work that needs to be done. Which sounds really fascinating.

While reading the book I was thinking that it is only possible if you have a team of many people and you are running a successful business. However, I was proved wrong as continued reading to the end of the book. It can also possible if you have a small business. While outsourcing you are actually saving your time for two things- to do things you are really good at and then have time to learn new things that you have been dreaming of such as new language, new skills and much more. Moreover, you will also have enough time for your loved ones.

The book does not only embellish the life of freedom by mentioning hypothetical theories. But, if you follow the book seriously you will end up having the freedom in life. You will able to travel the world cheaply, have great experiences and simultaneously working as much as needed i.e. not being busy for busy.

I read this book twice. Earlier, I read few chapters here and there. Then I thought the book is full of imagination which can’t be true. However, I gave it one more read recently because I wanted to know why people like the book so much. That is when I revealed the secret of the book.

After reading this book I am also planning to outsource some of my work so that I can do what I like most- travelling, talking to people and writing books and articles. I believe that I can do this in the near future. I was planning to live the life I want before reading the book but this book really intensified the process for the same.

I would highly recommend you to read this book if you are an entrepreneur and want to enjoy life instead of stucking in work 24 x 7. Moreover, if you want to travel the world, experience the new things and learning about different culture then this book is a must for you.