Life is all about experimenting with different things and continue doing things that work for you. That is what I had been doing with my morning and evening routines. Now I found a perfect morning routine that if I follow for the entire 2019 I am sure I will achieve a lot of things that I could not in my life so far.

You might be thinking how can I be so sure about my future achievements now just because I have some perfect morning rituals. It is because I have noticed that the early morning routine that I follow between 5:30 am to 9 am has made me feel inspired and helped me to achieve what I wanted since I am following it. Now the book ‘The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning, Elevate Your Life’ which is a masterpiece by Robin Sharma strengthen my belief that if I follow my morning routine for the rest of 2019 I will be a totally different and effective person at the end of the year.

Let’s discuss the important points that the book talks about early morning routines and some other rules that impacted my belief system.


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Your ‘victory hours’
As the name of the book ‘The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning, Elevate Your Life’ suggests it is true that waking up at 5 am and focusing on three things actually prepare you for the day to conquer your day. Robin Sharma writes that the first one hour is your ‘victory Hour’ which is divided into three 20 minutes- 20 minutes for exercise, 20 minutes for learning something and last 20 minutes for reflecting on yourself and goals (such as journaling, meditation, prayer or planning).

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Although the writer has set 20 minutes each for all the three tasks that prepare you for the day, you can always customize it according to your goals and lifestyle. For instance, Instead of one hour of victory, I dedicate 2:30 hours where I read for one hour (i.e. learning something), prayer for 15 minutes, reviewing my goals and day planning for 15 minutes, and one hour for exercise (i.e. jogging). One more thing I would like to add that I add one more hour in my early morning routine that is writing my blog articles or next book. Check out my published books HERE. It is absolutely up to you how you customize your victory hour. However, make sure that exercise and visualizing goals and planning for the day are included.

It has been almost a month I am waking up at 5:30 am and following the morning routines that I mentioned above. Believe me, now, I do not get jumbled and confused about what to do next in my entire day now. I do all the things that I have planned in the morning with a piece of mind. In result, I spend more time with family and get more rest.


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60/10 rule 
You might be thinking that to be successful we need to reduce the amount of rest we do. However, in reality, it is exactly the opposite. We should maintain the ratio of work and rest. Rest is as important as work. Just like you need around 6 to 7 hours of sleep to remain focused, active and productive in your day. Another example of benefits of rest is that your muscles don’t grow while exercising, but it grows while you rest at night or in your day.

Robin Sharma in his book ‘The 5 AM Club’ explained how we can rest while working towards achieving individuals goals. Work for 60 minutes straight without any interruption and then take a break for 10 minutes. Robin calls this strategy 60/10 rules.

In your 10 minutes of rest, you can do many things such as listening to music, reading books, taking a walk in nature or anything that refreshes your mind and body. I sometime, watch a video that either educate me or entertain me apart from reading books, listening to music or watching outside my balcony. You can also figure out what refreshes you and do it in your 10 minutes of rest time. You will be more focused and productive after you take rest. Experiment it for one week and notice the improvement in your personal and professional life.



Learn anything in 90 days
One more point fascinates me which is 90/90/1 rule. The rule says that figure out what skill you want to learn and learn it for 90 days in just 90 minutes every day. For instance, you want to learn a certain language that you think will help you to grow in your profession. Learn the language for 90 minutes every day for 90 days. At the end of 90 days, you will realize that you have learnt the language. If not fluently, then you can at least understand the language verbally and in writing.


5 tasks to conquer your day
Many people fail to plan their days because they have lots of things to do and they are confused about what to finish first. For them, this method by Robin Sharma is the perfect solution. List down five important tasks that need to be done for the day and focus them so much that at the end of the day you are done with the five tasks.

This way you will able to finish 30 tasks in a week (no work on Sundays), 120 tasks in a month and 1440 tasks in a year. Now tell me in the comment section below if finishing 1440 tasks with a peaceful and happy mind is not fascinating in a year.


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Personal feedback on the book
I personally admire Robin Sharma for extraordinary works he has been doing for years. However, as far as I am reviewing his book for my readers I want to remain truthful without having any influence with the impactful work Robin does. The book has many parts that you can skip especially the beginning parts. The real takeaways, tips and tricks start from chapter seven. However, I will not ask you to skip the first six chapters entirely but read it as quickly as possible.

Before reading this book I would hardly wake up at 5 am or 6 am. However, since more than 20 days I am so faithful to the benefits of waking up early that I can not think of staying up late at night and skipping my morning routine. I would forcefully recommend you to read this book if you really want to achieve your goals effectively and successfully.

Now the question should pop up in your mind that how to wake at 5 am. For this, I have already written an article that you can read HERE.


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