Will you believe in me if I say that everybody has the power to succeed, live an opulent life, and be happy and young all life? No, right! But you will believe in Joseph Murphy who wrote one of the greatest self-help books titled ‘The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind’ once you read the book.

Everybody has two minds. Conscious and subconscious mind. Both of them work as a team. They are the only one that can either make you successful and wealthy or failure and poor. In other words, it works the way you make them work for you. Joseph writes in the book that whatever your conscious mind conceive and believe your subconscious mind starts working towards it to make it a reality.

For instance, if your conscious mind believes that you can not perform well on the stage then your subconscious mind starts working towards your believe and make it actually happen. Which means you will surely not perform well on the stage.

Let us understand this with an example from the book only. Joseph illustrates a story in the book where a lady who had a good voice was called for an audition. However, she failed thrice to perform better due to stage fright.

We all know that while fearing to perform better we think of many uncertain things such as what if I fumble, what if I will not able to speak, what if people laugh at me. Because of this thinking, our subconscious mind starts working to make them happen.


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Joseph writes in this book that the lady overcame the fear by a technique: Three times a day she isolated herself in a room. She sat down comfortably in an armchair, relaxed her body and closed her eyes. She countered her stage fear by saying, “I sing beautifully. I am poised, serene, confident, and calm.” She did it thrice every single day. In result, she overcame her stage fright and gave an outstanding audition after a week.

In another place in the book, Joseph writes that a movie actor told him that he had a very little education, but he had a dream as a boy of becoming a successful movie actor. Since he was very poor he would mowing hay out in the field, driving the cows home and milking them. However, while doing all these things he would constantly think that his name is written in big lights at a large theatre. He had been thinking this for years. Finally, one day he ran from his home. He got an extra job in the motion pictures field.

The day finally came when he saw his name in great, big lights as he did when he was a boy. The actor repeats, “I know the power of substantial imagination to bring success.”

In both the stories one thing is common: both of them made their conscious mind to believe that they can do which forced their subconscious mind to get their dream come true.

When you tell your conscious mind that you can achieve something without confusion. When you have your goals clear then your subconscious mind starts working on it. In result, you get to see opportunities around you that can help you to make your dreams come true.


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You might be thinking that almost everyone dream big and desire for extraordinary life. However, the majority of them fail to achieve what they want. The problem is that only a few of them actually think focused and believe in them. Because of your unfocused conscious mind, your subconscious mind also gets bewildered and unable to work properly.

The book has many such real-life stories shared by Joseph to advocate how our conscious and subconscious mind work in our lives. I love reading this book because the more I read it the more I get from it. It will definitely change the way you think about your dream, wealth, health, age, sleep and marital problems. I have been reading the importance of positive thinking but this book taught me how to think positive that actually helps.

I would recommend everyone to read it at least once if you really want to do something extraordinary in your life.


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