People are so obsessed with the philosophical world of positivity that they don’t want to know their weaknesses and problems. Which makes people impossible to get rid of weaknesses or resolve the problems. In Mark Manson’s words, people give so much fuck to unnecessary things that they forget to give a fuck to important things in life.

Manson, New York City, whose blog on self-help is read by more than two million people published his first book titled “The subtle art of not giving a f*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach To Living A Good Life”. Leave the profane language aside, it is the book that is needed most at the time when people are making huge mistakes of life- They focus more on problems that need no attention than to those that need more.

At the time when people are obsessed with positivity, success, more money and recognition this book came to rescue them from the philosophical life of positivity. The book talks about what actually need to know about life in order to really get succeed and be happy in life.

Manson in this book says, instead of hiding weaknesses and problems in life by positivity and dream of fancy life people should learn to know about their problems and look for the solutions.  Instead of a short-term solution by positivity and being oblivion of the problems.

While focusing on the problems and weaknesses in life people need to be very smart because as Manson says in this book, “knowing about yourself is like peeling onion layers. The more we peel it off the more we cry.”


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However, once the problems and weaknesses are known to own self. It is much needed to know what problems need to worry about and what not. Most of the time people focus on problems that give nothing good to them. Moreover, how to worry about problems and weaknesses are also an art that needs to be learnt.

Manson writes that instead of trying to evade problems people should solve it while enjoying the solving process in order to replace bad problems with good ones. Because, problems are inevitable and never-ending.

No pain no gain

Everybody wants to succeed in life. But, nobody wants to give more hours to work. Give up weekends and work tirelessly towards the goal. People live in delusion and philosophical life of positivity and fancy dream that they don’t want to make any efforts to walk on the journey. Manson writes that people need to work hard to achieve what they want. It is as simple as that.

While working on accomplishing the goal sometimes people get stuck as to where to start. They don’t know where to start. Manson has a formula called “Do Something”. If you want to start a blog just start by setting up a blog and start writing. Don’t get bewildered and stuck anywhere. Few days down the line the progress in the journey will become an inspiration to do more.

As the author is a great self-help blogger for years. This book reflects his knowledge and experience with the life.

I really like the book very much. I think everybody needs to read it at least once if not every now and then.


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