In 2018, Savita Shukla, 30, did her MBA hoping to find a better job opportunity either in the private or public sector. Little did she know that Uttar Pradesh, even capital city Lucknow, has nothing much to serve her. One year down the line, she has been working for a job consultancy company for the meagre of Rs. 6000 a month. 

Shukla did her MBA from Allahabad University spending about Rs. 2 lakh. She hails from Lakhinpur, a city in Uttar Pradesh. After completing her MBA, she moved to Lucknow for a better job opportunity. However, she had no other choice than to work for the small salary that she is not happy with. 

“My home rent is Rs. 8000. I am not even earning to pay my home rent. My husband is earning enough so we don’t have much problem. But, I have not spent Rs. 2 lakh to earn Rs. 6000 per month,” Shukla expressed her concern. 

27-year-old Pradeep Singh from Lucknow had done B. Tech in 2016 spending about Rs. 14 lakh for the entire course. After completing her education he started hunting for a better job opportunity. He failed to find any in Lucknow. He then moved to many cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore only to find jobs that pay him only Rs. 12000-15000. 

While working for the small salary to survive he was also looking for other opportunities. After three years of struggling, Singh finally found one that too in Dubai that pays him Rs. 1 lakh per month. You must be thinking it’s huge. But, he is sacrificing his family for the money which is according to him is not fair. 

“Living away from family that too for two years at a stretch is too much. What’s the point of spending so much money on education but to avail no jobs in your city and country?” asked Singh. 

Singh’s family is not well off but they managed to afford his education. He had to borrow Rs. 80,000 to move to Dubai for the opportunity. “I won’t leave my city Lucknow and go away from my family if any company pays me only Rs. 40 per month here,” asserted Singh. 

25-year-old Farman Ahmed’s father who struggles hard to put food on the table for his family managed to educate him so that he can improve the financial condition of the family. Ahmed was a bright student too. He managed to enrol in B. Tech in Bansal Institute Of Engineering & Technology with initial fee thinking to get a scholarship. He was eligible for the same but he had to discontinue his B. Tech as there was no sign when he will receive the scholarship.  

“I had to discontinue B. Tech in between even though I was scoring good marks. In the first two semesters I scored more than 75%,” revealed Ahmed. 

Ahmed started taking home tuition to earn some money. He then managed to save some money and enrolled for graduation in science (i.e BSc). After finishing his graduation he has been looking for job opportunities but to find none. He is surviving on the coaching class he takes. 

“I sometimes think my life would have been different if I had received the scholarship. But, at the same time I also think that many have completed B. Tech but not getting a better opportunity,” said Ahmed. 

From a poster of the non-profit organization called Yuva Shakti Sanghatan (Lucknow)

Shukla, Singh and Ahmed are not alone who are struggling to find better opportunities in their state even after receiving education. But, there are 34 lakh ‘educated unemployed’ people, according to the recent data. 

The unemployment rate in the state of Uttar Pradesh has increased by 58.43 per cent in the last two years. It happened when the state government led by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has been claiming that they are generating jobs for the youth.  

The labour minister, however, did not disclose the reason behind the rise in the number of unemployment in the state. On the other hand, Adityanath blamed growth in population for the increase in unemployment to cover up his incompetence in generating enough jobs in Uttar Pradesh. 

Founder member of Yuva Shakti Sangathan (YSS), Mohammed Ahmed Khan said that this reason is absurd. YSS is a non-profit organization in Lucknow. The organisation has been working on unemployment in Lucknow and other cities of Uttar Pradesh for years. 

Another founder member of YSS, Gaurav Singh said that even the capital city Lucknow does not have enough companies to provide jobs for educated people. “There are many vacancies in government sectors that are unfilled. Moreover, if the government wants, it can generate many jobs through various means in the Uttar Pradesh state,” added Gaurav Singh.  

Sacche wade? 

According to the budget 2020-21, the focus seems to be on ensuring job opportunities for the youth. The budget was tabled in the assembly recently, the government’s 2020-21 budget comes up to Rs 5 lakh crore – an increase of Rs 33,000 crore from last year. The government has allocated Rs 600 crore for generating jobs. 

On the job front, the government has announced an apprenticeship scheme for the unemployed that earmarks Rs 2,500 in monthly assistance for each youngster opting for job training in state industries.

Although, the state government has announced a big budget for generating jobs but youth can’t wait and hope for a better future while their families are struggling to fill the stomach thrice a day. 

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