I don’t want students to waste their precious years in college studying what they don’t like. I don’t want students to regret the education they received because they are interested in something else. That is why I bring you this unique and affordable career counseling course for students between 10th standard to 12th standard.

Careers such as the doctor, engineer and teacher are most sought-after because people think that such careers are the money-making machine. However, there are many who have received their medical and engineer degrees but fail to do better in the professions. Moreover, I have seen many who switched their career after receiving degrees in medical and engineering and now doing exceptionally well.


Because they discover their interest and potential after spending their precious time on the education that they are not interested in. However, I don’t want students to waste their precious time investing in something that goes in vain after a few years. It can’t happen without your co-operation. If you also do not want to waste your precious years then pay attention to further detail.


Why this course is necessary for you?

Session One

Know yourself: In this session, you will get to know who you are, what is your interest, what is your strengths and weaknesses. The session is a comprehensive analysis of your personal life and educational life. This will help you to know yourself better.


Session Two

Your interests: Everybody has their own area of interests. Some people like to study some don’t. Some people are passionate to go on adventurous trips and some don’t. I will help you to find out your area of interests and accordingly, we will decide what career suits you best.


Session Three

Your interest as a career: This is the most important part of this career counseling course. In this session, we will finalise which area of interest can become your career and have a great opportunity to do exceptionally well.


Session Four

Personal growth for the career: Once you know what career you are good for. It is time to know how you can grab that career opportunity. What kind of education you need to pursue? What kind of college you need to get in? What kind of skills you need to acquire? All this information will help you to become what you want to be in your life.



Duration with flexibility

  • It is a 13-hour course (to be finished in 30 days)
  • 2 hours for each session
  • Last one hour will be a recap of everything that we have learnt
  • Timing is absolutely flexible/ at the convenience of the students




  • Rs. 1500/ head (for the entire course)


The money I am charging is so small that you can not find any other career counseling course as effective and affordable as this. I kept the charges very low because I want the students who are deprived of such opportunity to grab this as soon as possible.



After the course

I can assure you that after this career counseling course you will perceive your life and career with a different mindset as successful people perceive. You will able to save your precious years and invest them in something that you like to do in your entire life. You can approach me for any further assistance after this course.

What are you waiting for….?