Once upon a time my friend and I were having a discussion about whether weekends need to be for two-day or one-day. Apart from all the points, we both made during the discussion one statement that still pops-up in my mind every weekend. This makes me spend my weekends different from a majority of us do.  

“Weekends should be at least for one-day. It is not only for enjoyment but to think over our plan and see if the plan is working. Plan for the upcoming week and get motivated for the productive week,” said my friend. Frankly, I was really convinced by his statement.

You might be thinking that the weekends will be wasted in examining the plan and planning for the upcoming week. Furthermore, getting ready to make upcoming week productive and motivated also consume the whole weekends.

However, if I say you are wasting your weekends by watching movies or favourite show’s episodes one after another and scrolling up and down social media all day lying on the bed. This habit makes you lazy and that leads to unproductive weekdays ahead.

When we see most successful people. We get to know that they don’t just waste their weekends watching movies or favourite shows and scrolling up and down social media. On the contrary, they do some unique that make them ready for the upcoming week.

“My weekends are an important time to unplug from the day-to-day and get a chance to think more deeply about my company and my industry,” Spencer Rascoff says.

Before we dive into the activities that make us motivated, creative, productive and happy for the upcoming week. Let’s clear one thing that being productive does not mean working round the clock 24 x 7 but, it can mean working on a project efficiently. It means giving your mind a break. After all, when people are exhausted and burnt out, they become less engaged at work.  

Gallup reports that engaged employees are a whopping 28% more productive than unengaged employees.


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One day away from work

You should spend one day away from your regular work and activities. Keep one day 100 percent off-work no matter what. It gives your brain a break. Even if you have to work a little. Set a time for that. Otherwise, you will spend the last several hours in limbo between getting work done and procrastinating hardcore.

When you set a specific time for the important work on weekends you will spend your weekends very well.

“you need weekends that rejuvenate you, rather than exhaust or disappoint you. Cross-training makes you a better athlete, and likewise, exercise, volunteer work, spiritual activities, and hands-on parenting make you a better worker than if you just worked all the time,” says Laura Vanderkam.


Sleep little extra for better health

It is medically advised to sleep six to eight hours every night in order to keep your brain and body healthy. However, because of work and daily chores you don’t get enough time to sleep. Though it happens with everyone you can cover up your sleep on weekends by sleeping few extra hours. Sleeping extra hours on weekends gives you much relief too.

The University of Chicago once studied a group of student volunteers who slept only four hours per night for six consecutive days. The students experienced from high blood pressure to fewer antibodies to insulin resistance because of sleep deprivation.

However, they were reversed when the students made up the hours of sleep they had lost.


Follow your hobby

Everybody wants to follow their hobbies but fail to do so because of workload and busy professional life. The best thing is that weekends are the day when you can actually take off-work and follow your hobby.

Say, you want to start a blog. Set up a blog and spend some time on weekends. You will feel happy and your brain will tell you that you are doing what you like to do and that is what gives you the motivation to make your upcoming weekdays more productive and motivated.  

You can also contact other publications in your niche to get them publish your article. It will increase your audience too. That will make you happier. In future, you may become a successful blogger.


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Go out and do something different from weekdays

You got weekends and you want to feel fresh and relaxed. Make a plan for going somewhere and meet new people and make friends. Do something unique from weekdays. Laura Vanderkam, suggests rotating in different activities and hobbies that you don’t have time to do during the week.

For instance, billionaire Warren Buffett plays the ukulele. Making time for hobbies and non-work activities can foster creativity, relieve stress, and make you a happier, more successful person.


Plan something amazing a night before Monday

As the time passes on weekends you frustrate yourself thinking of having to go office on Monday. This actually ruins the remaining hours of weekends. Instead, plan something great the night before Monday.

It might be reading a book, meditating, cooking a nice meal or going for amazing dinner. This will make you feel good. That way, you’ll go to bed with a calmer mindset, unperturbed by all the stuff you have to do the next day.

“This extends the weekend and keeps you focused on the fun to come, rather than on Monday morning,” writes Vanderkam in her book.


Glance over your plan and plan for the upcoming week

Although you can glance over your planning during weekdays, weekends are the best time when you are relaxed and free from all chores to rethink your plan and reframe it if it is not working. Moreover, you can also plan for the upcoming week for your personal and professional life.

However, this process should not consume your whole weekend. Rather, spend maximum one hour on it.

This weekend don’t regret on the night before Monday for not making your weekend memorable and amazing. Make your weeks more productive, motivated and creative with the above enjoyable and mesmerising weekends tips.


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