Sleep is one of the essential practices for healthy life. However, if it is not maintained properly it can be a disaster for life. 

Studies show that a person needs 6- 8 hours sleep to maintain physical and mental health. On the other hand, there are some studies that say that a sleep cycle of 90 minutes is enough to wake up fresh and energetic. Which means if you get 90 minutes of sleep and wake up you are fresh and energetic. You will not feel sleepy and your body will not be in pain.
It does not matter whether you sleep for 6-8 hours or 90 minutes. What really matters is how you control your anger.

There are successful people who have total control over their sleep which is why they execute their tasks as per their schedule every day.

According to a report in
Business Insider India Sergio Marchionne, Fiat CEO sleeps four hours in a night. The Guardian reports that Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO needs only four to six hours a night.

Apart from these two successful people, there are many who have control over their sleep and achieve what they want. Although, it is not easy to control over our sleep, but once you did it you win.

But, what if a person does not have control over his sleep? What if a person presses snooze button every morning?

Let me explain the consequences with a personal anecdote. I love to sleep a lot. I need at least seven consistent hours sleep at night. Because of this deep sleep I had a habit of pressing snooze button every morning. This habit of pressing snooze button would destroy my morning schedule every day. Which had a perilous effect on my day schedule too.  

Once, I had a confirmed train ticket for Hyderabad from Delhi early morning at 6:25. I slept the before night while setting up an alarm for five in the morning so that I can reach my departure station before time. But the habit of pressing snooze button and no control over my sleep turned my happy journey into a troublesome journey.

When the alarm rang at five in the morning I pressed the snooze button and then I slept again. When I woke up the second time it was 5:37 am. I woke up hastily got ready and step out to reach departure station as soon as possible but I missed my train.

Since it was the important tour I took a general coach ticket for next train. Although, I got a seat to sit but it was tough to travel 12 hours without having sleep. To add to my trouble, the train was not direct to Hyderabad so I had to change train in between which made my journey for 36 hours long.

I was cursing myself the whole journey for pressing the snooze button. After pondering upon how detrimental the Snooze Button is, I revealed that snooze button actually affects our life slowly. It is like a slow poisoning to your life.

I would plan to wake up at five every morning to get some personal projects done. Since I had a habit of pressing snooze button I rarely wake up at the scheduled time. Which is why I could not work on my personal project for almost six months. And then the deadline passes. What I lose eventually and slowly is I fail to achieve my goal.

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