Remind yourself what did you think of becoming in your life while you were a child. However, as you grow your dream reduced to nothing and you are trapped in rate race. It is not because your dream was unrealistic or unachievable. It is because as you see the challenges in life and see that people are living ordinary life (get a degree, get a job and live a life that you don’t like) and you compromised with your dream. You not only compromised with your dream but you blame others for the compromise you made.

Daniel Chidiac in his book “Who says you can’t, you do” explains that you can achieve anything in your life if you have a clear vision, planning and execution. While reading the book I realized that the book is unlike any other self-help books. The writer explained tips and shared knowledge that helped him to change his life from living an unhappy life to a happy and satisfied life. He firmly believes that the book has something unique which can help every individual to dream big and achieve it.

Excerpts of the book…..


Rules to achieve what you want in life

Know yourself
Daniel writes that in order to achieve what you want you first have to know yourself. Know where you are right now. You can ask yourself some questions such as am I a loving person? Am I doing what I dream of doing? Am I respectful?

After knowing yourself change your statement from ‘Am I’ to ‘I Am’ and see the changes. The writer says in his book that our thinking affects our actions, not other way around. If you believe you are a loving person you will turn out to be a loving person. It is a psychological system. Do not fill your mind with negative thinking that drags you down. Fill it with positive ones.

Once you know yourself where you are you need to define where you want to be. For instance, you want to be a well-known writer or an entrepreneur. Define what kind of books you want to write and where do you see yourself in one year, two years and five years down the line.

Once you have a clear vision then visualize it. Visualize your destiny. As we do when we plan for a vacation trip. We visualize how we will spend our days. What activities we will do. How much fun we will have. How our hotel rooms will look like. We visualize everything.

Although many times it turns out to be less than what was expected which obviously happens to everyone. But we should visualize because if we don’t there will not be any memorable moments. Same applies to your passion too.

Plan your journey according to your dream. Because if you don’t plan you will end up doing either nothing or random things that don’t align with your dream. Once you are done with your planning take actions consistently. Mere dreaming and feeling happy about your dream will not work.

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You are not a tree 
This is the most important aspects in the journey of achieving what you want. Majority of the people complain that they are doing what they don’t want to do. They don’t like their jobs but still stuck in it because they are scared if they will not earn money to feed themselves and their family.

The writer Daniel Chidiac says you are not a tree. If you don’t like your job then step into your boss cabin and let him know that you are not continuing any more. Do not waste your precious time.

Remember, money will come to you if you are following your result-oriented plan. Invest your time into the passion or career that you like the most. Monetize your passion and work hard to feed yourself and live a happy life.


What do you mean by success?
If you define your success as bank balance, big house, most expensive car etc. then you have to revise your success definition. Because all these are a material gain. Success is your happiness. If you are happy with your professional and personal life then you are successful.

The writer says in his book that he has met some millionaires who say they are not happy because the more they have the more they want. Their greed of material life never ends. If you are living your life with materialistic approach then you can not achieve happiness and prosperity.


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On the other hand, the writer says there are many who do not have an expensive car and big bank balance but they are happy and satisfied with the life as they have a loving family and a career that they love a lot. Don’t corrupt your success with materials.

Read the book with the intention of changing your life and you will see the results. The way you perceive your life will be changed. Don’t miss any task or tips to get from the book what it has to give you.

The writer Daniel Chidiac urged in his book that the tips and tasks in the book should be practiced while reading the book. So, don’t read the book thinking that mere reading cover to cover will help you.


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“I love to resonate with people through my writing. I want to talk about things that are real, things people can relate to, and topics that we all go through. I don’t like sugar coating what I feel, so I do my best to make my writing as real, raw and direct as I can. I will write what lies deep within me” says Daniel Chidiac.