PASSION is one of those things that are loved as well as hate. Both the lovers and the haters of passion have a valid reason to do so. However, practically passion is the most essential part of life that needs nothing but love and fulfillment. Because it is proved that those who love and follow their passion vigorously have found success sooner or later.

Let me give you a scenario. Person A who does not like his job because the profession he is in is not fascinating for him. He spends 8-9 hours in office but not with the zeal and creative mind. He more often watches the clock and eagerly wait for the end of the office hour. On the other hand, there is a person B who loves his job because he is doing what fascinates him. He is spending the same hours as A does but with the zeal and creative mind. Moreover, he ends up spending more time than what he is asked for because he wants to make a difference in his career.

Pause for a moment and ask yourself who is going to succeed person A or B? Obviously, person B. Person A will remain mediocre and end up hating his life. It is a reality. Analyse the life of people around you and you will get to know what I am talking about!

Following passion is nothing but doing what you love. For Bill Gates, it was making software and he would spend hours and hours doing this. For Jay Shetty who is a renowned motivational speaker, it is helping people to lead a better life. For Stephen King who is the best selling author, it is writing fiction stories since he was a child. There are many examples that advocate passion brings success. I am saying it again- passions is nothing but what you love to do. If you do what you don’t like to do how can you make any difference in life. If you can’t marry the person whom you don’t like, how can you spend your entire life doing what you don’t love?


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Why passion is important?


There are many reasons that prove following passion is important in life. Some of them are explained below.

You end up doing little extra: When you love what you do you don’t bother about targets and timing. You continue doing and end up doing extra. Which is very important for achieving success. Successful people always go the extra mile.

Jack Canfield who is an American author writes on his website that, “if you want to really excel in business, school and life, go the extra mile. Give the people around you – your customers, your team, your family – more than they expect, and you’ll be handsomely rewarded with loyalty, referrals, opportunity and money.”

You are less likely to burn out: Burn out occurs when you are doing what you don’t love. If you are in love with what you are doing your interest will increase day by day. Ashley Stahl who is a career coach, founder CAKE Publishing and award-winning counterterrorism professional who helped government officials prepare for the frontline of the war on terror, writes on Forbes that, “If you hate your job, chances are you hate your life. And you’re not alone: anywhere from 20% to 40% of people report hating their job. That’s a cringe-worthy number.”

She further explained that hating a job or work you do has a major effect on mental and physical health that no amount of pay or inconvenience is worth staying in the same job.


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You have a strong belief system: Feeling unsure of own-self and self-doubt sometimes in life is normal. Everybody face it. However, this increases when you are doing what you don’t love. In result, you fail unnecessarily. Self-doubt weakens self will, breeds procrastination, opens you up to regrets and self-pity, kills personal growth, hinders creativity.

Although self-doubt is normal, but it should not be given the power to determine our success. If you want to save yourself from dangerous effects of self-doubt you need to do what you love so that the self-doubt has no effect on you because you will find something to conquer self-doubt if you love what you do.


You become an expert in your field: Since you are interested in your work you work hard and improve yourself in the field. In result, you become more knowledgeable and emerge as an expert.

When Robin Sharma was a lawyer he asked one of the top lawyers the secret of a successful and sustainable career. The lawyer said, “Robin, be so knowledgeable, competent and brilliant at what you do that this firm cannot run without you. Become indispensable.”

For being knowledgeable, competent and brilliant at what you do you have to love what you do because it takes hard work and robust practice.


You make your own path: For instance, you found your passion. But you are not seeing any job that matches your passion. What you do now? You make your own path then. For instance, bloggers made their own path. Earlier there was nothing like blogging as a profession. YouTubers also made their own path. Remember, career does make passion. Passion makes a career.


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How to find passion?

I would like to tell you that you don’t have to find your passion. It is there and you have been following but you have not recognized it. You just have to recognize it and work hard to make it a successful career.

Before we proceed further, please isolate yourself in a peaceful place with a pen and paper. Because it needs more concentration and introspection of life. While following below tips don’t bother about if your passion is possible to follow or not. Whether it is fitting in any career box or not.


What you do even if you are not paid for it: Passion is nothing but what you love to do. The things that you have been doing or do without any paycheques. Recognize it/ them. Your passion might be either one or a list of a few things. Which is absolutely fine. List them down on a paper.


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What you like to do when you are even tired: whether I am tired or not but I write if I want to. I had no better sleep last night because I am in a hospital with my brother who is hospitalized for some disease. I want to sleep and I am feeling tired. However, I am writing this piece in the morning because it is scheduled to publish today. Which means writing and researching are my passion. Find yours too.


Don’t fit your passion in a career box: Finding passion and career are two different things. First, you have to find your passion and then find a career accordingly. Don’t do it other way around. As I mentioned above. You can create a new career altogether if there is no career for your passion. However, you can’t create passion. You are born with it. Leave career options aside that we will talk in the next article. Focus on figuring out your passion first.


Recognize what engages you more: What is that engages you more often? Is it a political discussion? Is it digital marketing? Is it concerning about real issues of the people? Is it knowing about how successful people achieve what they want? Whatever it could be! Just write them down. For me, it is reading and writing on self-improvement.


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What are you good at: You might have received appreciation and applause for some astonishing works. What is that? Write them down. There must be some work that you are appreciated for by your family and friends. Write them down. All these are things that you are good at.


What are you fascinated by: List down the things that fascinate you. Do you see yourself in the person who is running a great business? Do you think you also want to write a book if you see a writer or read about great writers? Things that fascinate you like making software, digital marketing, cooking and such that list them down on the paper.


I hope you had a pen and paper while reading all the above tips. If yes, then you must be ready with a list of things that you love to do or want to do. Since the next step (i.e. finding a career for your passion) differ from person to person because everybody has a different passion. I would love to help you out individually choosing a better career that will make your life extraordinary.

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