They say “If you can dream it, you can do it”. Once again, a daughter of rickshaw driver from a village called Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh proved this to be true. 

Bhavna Khanna was living as usual life as her villagers do. But one thing was different in her. She was obsessed with dreaming of flying. Whenever she would see a plane flying over her house she would go on the terrace and think “I will also fly one day” while looking at the plane until it disappears. She has been dreaming about flying high since she was 14-year-old.  

Although she had a big dream, she would hardly know how to make her dream a reality. She spent her few years just dreaming about it. One day she figured out that she had to visit Delhi for an interview to become an air hostess. She planned to attend the interview. However, she faced an obstacle. Khanna’s board exams and the dates of the interview were clashing. 

The hurdle did not weaken her determination to become an air hostess and fly high. While speaking on Josh Talk, Khanna said both board exams, as well as the interview, were important for her. That is why she would first appear for her board exams and then visit Delhi for the interview. The interview was for five days. She did it for all five days. As soon as she would finish exams for the day, she along with her mother would visit Delhi.    

Khanna, at first, felt a sense of discouragement when she came to know that 1600 candidates were appearing for the interview. It was not just the number, but Khanna said that they were all from rich families. However, she did not lose faith in herself. 

After five days of travelling from Saharanpur to Delhi every day, Khanna’s hard work and determination paid off. She was one of  the 13 candidates who were selected for 3-month training to earn the title of an air hostess. She was thrilled by the news of selection. “If you are faithful to yourself you can do anything. I did not have anything but faith,” said Khanna.  

Khanna’s struggle did not end there. She faced two common hurdles that everyone who dreams big and belongs to humble and conservative families faces. One is lack of money and another is restrictions from family members especially parents or guardians. 

Khanna needed to accumulate Rs. 50,000 to pay for training fee. On the other hand, her father was not convinced by the profession his daughter has chosen to pursue. He had a myth that the profession is not safe for girls. However. Khanna told him that the profession is not full of bad people. There are good people too. 

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Khanna successfully convinced her father. Her mother also managed to borrow money from relatives for the training. As the training was in Mumbai, they reached Mumbai according to the schedule.   

When three months for the training were over, Khanna thought the struggle time is gone and desired life going to start. However, everything does not go as per the plan. Her training period was extended for 15 more days. This led to a new challenge for Khanna.  

Khanna had no money to pay for rent. Somehow she came to know that one of her neighbours’ relatives stay in Panvel. Khanna talked to them and explained her situation. Khanna and her mother reached at the address they were provided by the neighbour’s relatives. They found that it is not a proper house but a small shanty. Khanna and her mother had no choice but to stay as Khanna had to finish the training. 

While speaking at Josh Talk, Khanna said that she would travel from Panvel to Mumbai that takes three hours to attend the training. Khanna would have a meal only once a day during these 15 days as the people Khanna was staying with was not even earning hand to mouth. Her mother also had no enough money to manage food for thrice a day.  “It was not easy for me to travel three hours to and three hours fro and then study at home when I am tired and have an empty stomach,” added Khanna. 

Khanna’s passion, determination, hard work and power to fight against all odds paid off when she received a certificate that reads ‘Bhavna Khanna cabin crew’. Now her life has changed. She flies most of the time. Her father who never thought of boarding a plane travels in a plane and drives a car.  

Khanna’s story is an epitome that dreams come true. If you are dreaming of something, you can achieve it by your determination and perseverance. Don’t just dream, make it real.